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How They Work


We often hear some variation of this question when we show people Cool Towels for the first time. They ask, “How do they work?” or “What’s going on here?” or even “This is incredible, is this magic?”

In short, it’s not magic…it’s just a little bit of science!

The essential process that makes Cool Towels so cold is a process called evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is the reduction of temperature resulting in the evaporation of a liquid, which removes latent heat from the surface from which the evaporation takes place. In other words, the surface of our towels becomes seriously chilly because the evaporation of our special blend of all-natural ingredients lifts heat from the surface of our towel, resulting in towel temperatures as low as 57° F. Most people are familiar with evaporative cooling because it’s the same chilly feeling that we experience when we get out of the shower or a bath. Quite simply, as the liquid evaporates on our skin, heat is lifted from the surface of our skin and we experience an intense feeling of coldness.

  • Our Handy Cool Towel is a convenient 12x12 inches in size and great for any user on the go. Perfect for families, travelers, and frequent fliers, our Handy Cool Towel is compact and perfect for any occasion. 
  • Our Medium Cool Towel is a 12x20 inch towel that provides extra cooling when you are sitting in a hot stadium cheering on your favorite team, having fun at a concert, or just enjoying your next event. It is great for athletes and anyone who lives an active lifestyle. 
  • Our large Cool Towel is over two square feet (12 x 27 inches) of soft 100% cotton terry cloth. This generous size, comparable to a golf towel, is great for providing heat relief during golf, tennis, or any other sport or workout. 

Q: How do they work?
A: Once you remove your towel from the package, simply open it up, shake it out, wipe your face, and place it around your neck for immediate relief.

Q: Do I need to refrigerate to make them feel cold?
A: Never! Our towels are 20-30°F (-7°-1°C) cooler than your body temperature - right out of the package, with a simple shake!

Q: How long do they last?
A: Cool Towels can be used repeatedly when placed back in the resealable packaging. Durations will vary based on specific applications.

Q: Are they safe for my entire family?
A: Absolutely! Our clinically tested solution is comprised of natural ingredients that have been tested and proven to be safe on skin.

Q: What happens when I wash the towel?
A: When the towel is dirty, we recommend that you wash and reuse it as a utility towel. The towel will no longer cool down, but you’ll have a quality towel to use around the home, office, or gym.

Q: What are they made out of ?
A: 100 % Cotton and active ingredients: Steam Distilled Water, Menthyl Lactate, Aloe Barbadensis, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglycerin
*Raw materials may be substituted or sourced from different suppliers.

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