This isn't just any Bath Soak, our bath soaks are nutrient and herb rich.  Packed full of herbs, sea and epsom salts, and minerals, our soaks relieves muscle soreness, lift spirits, reduces spider veins and wrinkles, pampers, moisturizes, detoxes, soothes and heals!  Our original scent is a dreamy lavender-rose-cittus.

Infused with crystal essence for high healing and soothing vibrations, our bath soaks will melt away worries, fears, blocks, pain and any other things; creating the perfect self-care!


Step 1:  Draw a warm (or as hot as you can get it) Bath.  
Step 2: Add desired amount to included muslin bag and add bag to bath.  Or, do it FULL self-care style and add Soak DIRECTLY to bath (just be sure to strain the herbs and flowers before draining bath water; we do have an option for purchasing a strainer, or use a strainer you may already have).  

Step 3:  Sit Back, Relax and Receive!  Give yourself the SELF LOVE you deserve and Pamper Destress!

***SOAK for at least 30min. to receive FULL benefits.

Ingredients:  All Pure and Naturalc: Epsom Salt, crystal infusion, Goddess propriety blend of herbs, dead sea salt, cane sugar, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and  essential oil blend.

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