Our Body Tonics are for use daily as a Natural Perfume/Cologne, Aromatherapy, Body Therapy and Aromatic Body Oil. Lifts Spirits, Relieves stress, Relieves ailments, Smells Amaze-Balls! 

Our Body tonics are stored in only the best for your health and our planet, glass. Stored in blue or green bottles to protect the precious goods inside. Easy Roll on and size means you can take and apply anywhere! Perfect for ALL ages! 

These make great gifts & stocking stuffers! Holiday Wrapping available in Holiday Burlap Bags or Natural Boxes with or without ribbon.

  • Tonic Roll On
  • Therapeutic.Aromatic Uplifting.
  • Quality, Inexpensive GIFT!
  • Natural Perfume / Cologne
  • Convienent roll on fits anywhere
  • Organic & Natural, Made in the USA
  • Vegan / Nut FREE / Gluten Free
  • Comes in Blue Glass!
  • Cruelty Free (Ingredients & finished products NOT tested on animals)

Scent Therapeutic Breakdown:

  • Spirit Lifter (Citrus): Lifts Spirits, lightens moods, relieves stress and anxiety, relaxes & calms the nerves; the perfect pick me up.
  • Pick me up Peppermint: Need a refreshing "Pick-me-up?" Peppermint is invigorating. Our Peppermint is PERFECT for the Holidays. Our peppermint is to be bragged about. It is USA grown, smells JUST like candy, and is seriously the best therapuetic peppermint oil we have EVER come across. We promise you'll feel the same!
  • Cramp Ease: Roll over areas that may be cramping to bring instant relief!
  • Earl G: Our signature Earl Gray Tea Blend is perfect as a perfume or cologne, it draws others in and lifts moods.
  • Breathe Autumn: Perfect for the fall, this scent will make you feel cozy and therapuetically, will help you breathe easy. 
  • Big Calmer: Need to help little minds (& BIG ones too!) sleep? Lavender is very calming & will leave minds feeling relaxed!
  • Balancer:  Helps to balance hormones, mood enhancer & promotes a healthy hormonal system.

Use daily as a Natural Perfume, Aromatherapy, and Aromatic Body Oil. Lifts Spirits, Relieves stress, Relieves ailments, Smells Amaze-Balls!

Spirit Lifter (Citrus): Avocado Oil, Spirit Lifter Citrus Pure Essential Oil Blend & High Vibes Autumn: Avocado Oil, Autumn Blend Pure Essential Oil Blend & High Vibes Earl G: Avocado Oil, Earl Gray Tea Pure Essential Oil Blend & High Vibes Cramp Ease
Roll tonic on wrists & neck; best on pulse points to free pure aromas! BREATHE IN for therapeutic properties!
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