At Lemon Vines, we believe Amber is more than just a helpful product. Amber has well passed the test of time in regards to its medicinal properties. From joint pain, swelling and arthritis in adults, to teething pain, drooling, sleep and hyperactivity in infants and children, Amber has proven itself a valuable too to aid in the healing of numerous ailments.

It has been investigated by scientists, used by doctors, published in numerous reports and medical journals. It is worn on bare skin, mixed into drinks, cooked into foods, pressed into oils across borders for thousands of years. At Lemon Vines, Amber is more than just 50-million-year old tree resin teething necklaces. Amber is a way of life! It represents a belief system and a way of thinking, one that we have passionately adopted into our family.

The products we carry represent 3 generations in the Amber trade. Our quality of Amber is superior on all levels to what is currently on the market. We source only the best examples to be used in our jewelry. We consider ourselves a luxury brand and hold our products to the highest standards.

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