Get ready for some serious adventure as Mason digs deep to uncover the mystery of the man with the box shaped camera.  Will Mason find the mystery man?  Will he ever know why the old man waited all day just to snap two photos?  As Mason continues his sleuthing, his wild imagination takes him to lands filled with mystical creatures, sword fights, and even dragon-frogs!  This story is sure to inspire lots of adventure for you and your Action Doll!
  • Primary lesson: the value of patience
  • Over 20 beautiful full color illustrations
  • 10 chapter book
  • Reading age level: 6-9, although with it's colorful illustrations and exciting stories this book is great to read aloud to children of all ages.
  • Reading grade level: 1-4
  • Paper back with satin finish pages
  • Printed in the USA
  • Classic children's book layout with a comic book flair.  This is a one of a kind book that is sure to be treasured by all!  

*Action Doll not included.

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