Limerick PJ’s Comfort™ Basic  - iParenting Media Award!
The only 1-1/2 pound portable hospital-grade breast pump featuring Limerick PJ’s revolutionary patented technology for maximum comfort and safety!
Limerick PJ’s Patented Technology 
  • Simulates your baby's natural nursing pattern. Other pumps may use a push-pull motion, while Limerick PJ's breast pumps are the only pumps to incorporate a more authentic compression and vacuum motion – truly replicating your baby’s innate suckling motion
  • Research-proven hospital-grade efficiency and technology proven to establish milk supply in mothers of premature and very low-birth-weight infants*
  • Sof-touch™ silicone cups provide remarkable comfort 
Convenience and Quality
  • Compact and lightweight – only 1-1/2 pounds!
  • Hospital efficiency and durability
  • Multi-user closed system
  • Automatic 5 minute drying mode for tubing after each use
  • State of the art microcontroller technology
  • Built-in timer to track elapsed time
  • Maintains consistent vacuum as bottles fill
  • Assembled in America 
Important Safety Features
  • Prevents cross-contamination: A one-micron filter between the kit and pump prohibits bacteria, viruses and milk from entering the pump (documented in a study by Arbor Technology available on request)
  • Safe for multiple users
  • BPA-free and DEHP-free
  • Separate controls regulate vacuum (15-250 mmHg) and cycles (36-250 cycles/min.)
  • Exhaust filter
  • Heat sensor
  • Vacuum sensor
  • Warning lights indicate vacuum build-up or excess internal temperature
Included Accessories, Motor & Warranty
  • Power supply cord
  • 2 Bottle holders
  • PJ’s Sof-Touch™ kit
    • Sof-Touch™ silicone breast cup assembly — one size fits all
    • Tubing with1-micron filter
    • Spare 1 - micron filter
    • 2 spare gaskets
    • 2 bottles
    • Cleaning brush
    • Bottle cap (used to store milk)
    • Clamp
  • Instructional booklet 
  • Telephone and Skype support
  • Powerful long-lasting motor and valve commonly used in hospital Neo-natal Intensive Care Units
  • 3-year warranty on pump parts and labor (applies to original owner; non-transferable; additional / replacement parts sold separately)
Evaluation of Milk Production with a Multi-User, Electric Double Pump with a Soft Flange in Mothers of VLBW NICU Infants 
- Research study on effectiveness of PJ's Comfort™ Breast Pump at The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Annual meeting Nov 2011

 IParenting Media Award Reviewers Feedback 

"It is a very efficient method to extract breast milk and works wonderfully and entirely pain-free. Moreover, the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I loved the extra bottles and the storage container for it. Also, the whole bag which comes with it looks stylish and does not make it obvious to people that it is a breast pump bag."

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