To be used with PJ's Comfort Sof-touchTM Kit. Two 3 ft. lengths of DEHP Free tubing with tube connectors and one 1-inch soft silicone tube pre-assembled to "Y" adapter.

How To Clean Tubing:

The tubing can be cleaned by following these simple steps:

1. Completely detach the tubing from the filter and the breast cup assemblies.Do Not Wash The Filter.

2. Run warm water through the tubes to rinse out the milk or condensation.

3.  Shake out the tubing after washing to remove some of the water from inside the tubing.

4.  Once you have gotten out as much water as possible it is likely there will still be some small drops.

5.  Attach only the filter and moist tubing to the pump (do not attach the bottle caps/bottles/silicone cup/brace to the tubing)

6. Place the pump on a higher surface and let the tubing hang down. Do not hold the tubing up; you do not want water to roll back into the filter.

7. Let the pump run for 15-20 minutes to allow the air to dry the tubing out.

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