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NEW 2016 Model with updated buckles! Twin baby carrier with Versatile Strap System for double-child or single-child positions. Compact, Comfortable and Adjustable. For Men, Women, Twins and Children Between 7-lbs* and 45-lbs
-Includes new, sleeker buckles.

Looking for a twin baby carrier? This patent pending product is the first of its kind. Designed to carry one or two children of equal or varying size, the TwinGo Carrier is perfect for parents of twins or multiple children. Whether worn as a twin baby carrier or as a single-child carrier, its ergonomic design distributes weight evenly across your shoulders and supports your child's developing spine and hips.

The unique strap system is fully adjustable for both men and women and can support children between 10-45lbs. *The TwinGo Infant Insert can accommodate children as small as 7lbs in the front carry position.

The TwinGo Original Baby Carrier is also collapsible, making it convenient for travel, and is more economical than purchasing two separate carriers. A must-have for every active family.

NEW! 2016 Product Enhancements:
1. Perfect Fit Adjusters are the most exciting enhancement, which allows the parent to adjust the shoulder straps and panel to achieve a truly customized fit. This is particularly useful for adults carrying small babies and/or petite parents. It also allows any size parent to carry their child a little higher on their back so they can see their baby.
2. We increased the waistbelt size to extend to 55” (old was 50”)
3. We retested the carrier to hold up to 45lbs in single-child mode (old 40lbs)
4. We upgraded to softer fabric (It was already soft but feels so much nicer!)
5. Upgraded the manual to be even more user-friendly
6. Added and tested a new carry position: Hip carry for the Attachment Carrier only.
  • 100% Cotton Black exterior
  • Economical: This affordable system is cheaper and more versatile than purchasing two separate carriers.
  • Versatile: Can be used by one parent as tandem twin carrier or used by both as single carrier. It also works for both twins and children of varied size.
  • Comfortable: An ergonomic design with a 100% cotton exterior provides comfort for both you and your babies.
  • Adjustable: Adjustable waist and shoulder straps allow for a custom fit for adults 4'11" to 6'5." Can accommodate children between 10 lbs (4.6 kg) and 45 lbs (18.2 kg), and as small as 7 lbs with the TwinGo Infant Insert.
  • Compact: The base and adjustable straps collapse into bag, making this carrier perfect for travel.
Item Weight:  4 pounds

Product Dimensions: 8 x 9.5 x 10 inches


Safety warning: Only use this carrier for children between 10 lb (4.6 kg) and 45 lb (18.2 kg), or 7-10 lbs with <a href="http://twingocarrier.com/collections/twin

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