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The Post that Started It All...


This post was from an old blog I used to keep, it's a little look into the story of how I got started with cloth diapers... So many abbreviations, so little time.  I have officially stumbled into the world of CD or Cloth Diapering. There are so many options!  Did you know that you can purchase ready made AIO's from wahm's? (All-in-ones from work at home mom's) Sydney has had a diaper rash brought about from a store brand perfume and dye free diaper wipe. It gave her a nasty chemical peel.  I tried every type of rash cream on the market with no success.  So I decided that she needed to go chemical free.  No more disposable diapers and no more chemical laden wipes.  Of course I still have three huge unopened cases as well as a pile of opened disposables. Arrgh! I was very worried that cloth diapers would leak all over the place, stink and stain something horrible.  I spent a few hours reading up on all the different styles, reading consumer reviews and waying my options.  I slept on it, then after much research and trepidation, I ordered a beginner's half dozen pocket style BumGenius 3.0 brand cloth diapers.  They arrived Friday at noon.  By that night I had the first diaper washed and on her little bum.  I also purchased ultra soft terry dish rags from the flea market and made my own double layered wipes.  (Author's update note, I still use these wipes.  They are great for everything!)  Following the advice of a staggering number of websites, I made my own wipe solution, too.  Olive oil, tea tree oil, baby wash and water. (Later I discovered the same results sans the baby wash)  I've folded them to pop out of the diaper warmer.  Whoo-hoo!  I feel like a CD pro!  By Monday morning the rash had subsided leaving very little redness, zero leaks and one happy mommy.  Who knew cloth diapers would be the solution! Today I purchased some PUL, microfleece, Alpix hook and loop and a pattern for an AIO pocket diaper.  (PUL-polyurethane laminated polyester, used for the waterproof outer layer.  Microfleece-for the inner lining, it wicks wetness away leaving a continuously dry tush.  (Author's note, while I love my microfleece, I LOVE suede cloth.  My diapers with suede cloth still look like new, all the way through potty training!)  Alpix-softest brand of velcro available, so much easier than snaps or diaper pins) I'll use my left over burp cloth/prefold diapers for the soaker pads. Never in a million years did I think I'd be worried about a "soaker pad". If I become good I might even become a custom order, diaper making wahm. Or not. "Hey, I make wedding dresses and's my card." I figured at $18 a diaper, I was better off making a few of my own. Perhaps it will become the new "cool" thing around here and I can make cloth diapers for baby shower gifts without getting the evil (you're one of those tree huggers aren't you?) eyes. So what does Sydney think about all this neat new stuff on her rash fading bum? Business as usual. Great. I've got more laundry to do.

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    This forum needed shaking up and you’ve just done that. Great post!

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