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Butterfly Cake Poppers


Something yummy arrived in my mail box today!  Cake!  Well, more specifically; mini, ultra moist, red velvet cakes individually surrounded with decadent frosting.  What a mouth full!  My, oh my!  Each little cake was hand made by a new company called Butterfly Cake Poppers. For only $25 you can ship a dozen cake poppers to someone you love or yourself.  I sure won't tell! My three year old and I indulged ourselves on our treats.  Each bite was savored.  We counted three to four bites per each decadent piece.  What I first noted was the firm outer shell.  It does a great job of keeping the cake inside super moist.  Oooh!  The cake! At this point, I should let you in on a little secret.  I've been know to dabble in the confection business a bit.  I've made a few dozen cakes for weddings, catering companies, corporate events, etc...yeah...I might know a thing or two about cake.  That being said, I loved what I tasted!  Even my daughter, who has been known to turn her nose up at store bought cake, wanted more.  She has become quite the cake snob (oops!)             I've been chatting with Heather, owner of Butterfly Cake Poppers, to get to know a little more about her company.  Heather is mommy to a handsome baby boy.  He'll be turning 7 months old next week!  Naturally, I am a fan and a supporter of mom-trepreneurs! Heather told me that Butterfly Cake Poppers was born out of inspiration from a well known coffee chain's "cake pops".  The chain only offers three flavors and Heather only cared for one.  After a while, her taste buds begged for something new, so she started looking online.  She found nothing but high prices and limited choices.  That's when inspiration met up with perspiration.  Heather wanted to provide something everyone could afford and flavors that could be customized to your heart's desire.  Now that I've tasted some, I'd say that's she's on to something! Being a mom herself, Heather realizes that we don't always have time to make homemade treats for our loved ones or delectable delicacies for corporate events.  Her company offers the perfect solution!  Butterfly Cake Poppers is prepared to provide high quality (her chocolate is from Chocoley!) mini cakes and cake pops that are fabulously fun and deliciously tasty.  Choose from her menu of hand crafted flavor favorites or create something inspired.  Butterfly Cake Poppers can even create variety packages.  I almost want to insert a line from Forrest Gump about his box of chocolates here. A favorite grouping of things (I was going to say my favorite thing, but I couldn't pick one) is that Butterfly Cake Poppers are not messy, they don't require eating utensils and they are perfect for children, as noted by my product testing partner.  A nice bonus is portion control.  IF you could talk yourself into eating only one or two.  The chocolate is also gluten free and celiac safe. I asked Heather to give us a few tips that she's learned along her Mom Journey.  Here are some of the things she told me: There are so many unknowns with motherhood!  I always wonder what my LO is thinking.  At first I felt clueless.  I didn't know what to expect.  I was very overwhelmed! The most important thing that someone told me was to create a routine for them early on.  Once we had a routine, things became much easier! Prefolds make great burp cloths! Spit up rolls straight off the flannel ones. Receiving blankets are easy to make and easier to swaddle with if you make them yourself. I had a long baby, so by the second month none of the blankets were big enough! Don't buy a bunch of clothes.  We use mostly gently used stuff.  Our baby never wears and outfit more than 3 times before it is too small. Tummy time is very important.  We knew nothing about it! A must have for our baby, has been the Leap Frog toy for infants.  You can customize it to say your child's name and things that your child likes.  It also plays lullabies at bedtime. Our favorite book to read with Steven is "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!" by Mo Willems. I talk to my son like an adult. We read the news to him in the morning and we listen to Boz occasionally. I love to watch him stare at things intently.  He is very observant!  He bounces around and thinks everything is a trampoline. We call him Tigger! He loves to play in water. We sing Jesus Loves Me and play patty cake. We peek-a-boo a lot!  I also love to get in the floor and play with my son and his toys. Our son is the best thing God could have put in our lives! After reviewing and tasting a sampling from Butterfly Cake Poppers, I can say that Heather has me hooked.  I already have plans to offer cake pops at an up coming Cloth Diaper 101 class!  I'm also trying to creatively come up with an excuse to order a dozen just for me!  Shhh!  Don't tell my waist line!

Butterfly Cake poppers can be found on Face Book.

You can also email Heather to discuss your bite of cake today!

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