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A-maize-ing Corn


Our family loves corn.  Really loves corn.  Let me share with you the simplest, most nutritious method for cooking and eating corn.  No butter or salt required. You just might be a-maized. First, let me point out that the corn husk is not an evil thing that must be stripped away and discarded before cooking can commence. Rather, the husk is nature's perfect wrapper. Corn husks are good at containing the flavor and nutritious value grown in the kernels it protects.  Multiple civilizations have been using the corn husks to wrap, protect, cook and store their food for thousands of years.  Tamale recipe, anyone?!? We should learn a few things from all those years of culinary history. All right, here is the Green House method for cooking corn in practically no steps. First, trim off any loose leaves and the knotted mass of corn silk sticking out of the end of the ear.  Those are a fire hazard.  The rest of the ear is not, similarly to how a paper cup or balloon filled with water will not burn.  My cousin is a fire scientist.  I asked him to triple check this for me.  Here is his quick video.  Of course, if you over're on your own. Next, stick the ears into a 350 degree, preheated oven.  You can also toss the corn straight on the grill.  Just remember to turn every once in a while to keep the charing to a minimum. To give the appearance of having it together like June Cleaver, bake chicken at the same time. :) My mostly clean oven is thanks to Charlie's Soap Indoor/Outdoor Surface Cleaner.   I'm not crazy enough to take before pictures!   Bake or grill for approximately 25-30 minutes. When done, the corn should look like this. Use pot holders or tongs to remove from the oven and set on a plate or a kitchen towel to cool a bit. You can also wrap them in a towel and toss into a picnic basket.  They'll stay warm for quite a while. Peel back the husk in the usual manor, similar to peeling a banana.  The silk will be soft and easy to remove.  No scrubbing required.   We like to use the husk as a handle, but you could just as easily twist it off and make a cute corn husk doll!   Head outside and enjoy!  Skip the salt and butter!  Really!  The husks keeps all the flavor and nutrients locked in.  You'll never have such a tasty ear of corn with so little work!

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  • Pam on

    oh yes! I remember your Pink Princess eating several ears at my mom’s house one evening!!! We were amazed! Great tutorial here! I loved the tamale packages! The photo of them brought warm memories of my mother in law.

  • Nikki on

    Made some night before last, super easy! Thanks! Kira is LOVING it, although I had to cut it off the cob (due to loose tooth) and add butter and salt. Definitely better than frozen!

  • Shannon on

    I just usually pick the ones that look the freshest and have their husks still intact. I’m also a huge fan of the Bi-color corn. I don’t even know why, I just love it!

  • Nikki on

    Sounds great! I’m wondering how do I pick the best corn at the store?

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