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What's in Your Lunch Box?!?


My daughter attends a wonderful Montessori school.   Last year was her first year.  When I saw the lunch requirements I was a bit overwhelmed.  No cookies, no candy, no disposable containers, no cartoons on anything, etc. Reusable spastic containers would normally have been the way to go, but my daughter was only 2 1/2 and couldn't open Tupperware or even the velcro sandwich bags without an explosion of food all over the place.  I had to find other options.  Then I stumbled upon the Bento Box.  I think I must have heard angels singing a chorus of hallelujahs somewhere in the distance. I did a quick search and discovered that I had a Japanese grocery store only a few miles from my house and they carried bento boxes.  What was even better, the ones in stock had lids that my little one could open easily.  They were only a few dollars each.  Score!!!  The rest of the school year was spent playing around with healthy meals that my relatively non picky eater would enjoy.  I'm actually not sure who liked the lunches more, my daughter, me or the teachers that sent home reports and told the other parents about what my little girl brought to school. :) The Japanese Bento Box is an art form and a science.  Mothers use the lunches they prepare for their children as an expression of their love.  That thought alone puts a smile on my face!  The container sizes directly correlate with the amount of calories you can fit into each box (if done properly).  It is a GREAT method to use for portion control for adults, too!  You'll end up satisfied and not stuffed with that "oh, I ate too much" feeling. I found the bentos a fun and easy way to give my child nutritious meals, out of what ever I had in the fridge, in about 5 minutes or less.  A little more time for the more elaborate lunches.  I was on a tight, busy schedule, so spending any more time on lunch preparation was not an option.  I'll do my best to post a new lunch or two every Monday.  Please share your lunch ideas, tips and tricks with us here.  Post pictures on the Green Mommy Diapers Face Book page, too!  Let's inspire each other! Here are pictures from our lunch this weekend.  My daughter has been avoiding bread crust lately.  Rather then make a fuss, I just found a way around it with little waste.


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  • Lisa @ljenator on

    Very awesome, and oh so cute!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

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