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This weeks lunch included a few smiles and fun color.  Put a smile in your child's lunch box.  It is an easy way to brighten any kid's day!

I will admit, this week was a struggle.  We haven't quite gotten in the groove of things yet.  Last year, I had a rhythm of hitting the sales at the grocery store with my coupons at the beginning of the week, so I could have my daughter's favorite fresh fruits, veggies and other perishable things on hand.  It's only the second week of school and I am also already running out of ideas and I seem to be getting to the store at the end of the week rather then my preferred day at the beginning.  Fortunately, the contents of my fridge have helped to keep things "interesting" or at least keep me on my toes!  Hey, If I can pull together a semi healthy, happy lunch out of my ice box you can, too!

The above lunch was made with deli meat and cheese skewered with a toothpick.  We picked up a yummy multi grain baguette that I buttered.  Be sure to put the buttered sides together or you might end up with a melted mess by lunch time.  I hard boiled four quail eggs and then pealed them.  If you soak the shelled eggs in food coloring for a few minutes, you can achieve wonderful colors that add a fun color punch to the meal.  Did you notice that there are only three eggs?  Always make at least one extra so that you can make sure you have cooked it properly.  Quail eggs are a touch tricker to cook and peel then larger chicken eggs, but the results are very rewarding.

This lunch had a stack of Ritz crackers with pepperoni and cheese.  Carrot sticks and Goldfish crackers are on the sides.  There is a tutorial on how to make Apple Rabbits from one of my favorite food blogs here.

One of the easiest ways to make lunch is to make it the night before.  Leftovers are yummy!  Especially when they just happen to be pasta salad with pepperoni, black olives and cherry tomatoes (my daughter's favorite!).  Mix in a little sun dried tomato feta cheese and you have a meal that's good to go anywhere!  I sliced a pear and tossed in two extra tomatoes to complete the meal.  If you keep the fruit slices together after cutting them, they don't brown as quickly.  I use the same trick with apples, too!

Happy Sandwich with Fruit Salad and a side of cottage cheese.  Come on.  This would make any kid smile, even the big ones!  I used mini metal cookie cutters to make the heart nose and star earrings from raw, sliced carrots.  There is a tomato for the smile.

What will you be making this week?

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