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Ladybug Lunch Box - September 12


We call this the Magic Banana.  I write a note or draw a picture in the morning before packing the lunch and by the time my daughter is ready to eat, the "secret message" appears.  Use a mechanical pencil with the lead pushed all the way in or some other blunt writing tool.  Try it in your kid's lunch.  It takes very little effort to put a smile on your loved one's face!

I have seen quite a few Japanese moms make omelets for their children's lunch.  Since my daughter LOVES omelets, this is something that I can easily add to her lunch for an extra and different, kick of protein.  I just scrambled the egg the usual way, cut out a fun shape and sprinkle cheese while everything is still hot.  Toast is also given the cut out treatment and hidden underneath.  At my daughter's school, they do have the ability to warm up the kids' lunches, so I know her omelet will be served nice and hot. I sliced the apple thin and dipped into lemon juice and sugar.

Leftovers again!  In my house that is actually said with excitement!  Whew!  Today's lunch included one of my daughter's favorite pasta salads as well as a healthy serving of apples, grapes and carrots.  I sliced the apple thin, cut out the core with a mini, metal cookie cutter and dipped it into lemon juice and sugar to keep it from browning.  I used the same cookie cutter to cut a shape out of a carrot slice and "plugged" the apple with the carrot star.  It only took an extra minute and it made my daughter smile and most importantly, eat!  

I think we have a "thing" for Goldfish crackers.  The little fish were put into a hand made bag with rip-stop nylon and snaps.  We use the bag for all sorts of snacks, it cuts down on the amount of plastic bags our family uses.  The main bento box was filled with deli meat and cheese skewers, grapes, carrots, string cheese on the side and Ritz Crackers.  Everything is easy to eat finger food and appetizing for a small child.

Notice a trend yet?  To make lunch preparation easier, my daughter and I pick out a few fresh fruits and veggies to include in each lunch for the week.  This week our selection included little tomatoes, grapes, carrots and apples.  This is a good way to keep your food budget low, as we try to stick with the fruit an veggies that are in season.  It is also a good way to include your child in the lunch making process.  It is essential to teach our children how to pick and choose healthy foods wisely.  We can't wait to start harvesting fresh veggies again this year, too!  Plant a tomato and watch your child grow!

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  • Shannon on

    Awe! Really!?! Thank you so much! They help tame my creative itch with what ever is in the fridge! :)

  • Sarah on

    Those aren’t lunches – those are works of art! Beautiful!

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