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This week included the first day of Autumn.  I'd be thrilled, but unfortunately, someone forgot to inform Mother Nature.  Around here, the temperature still reached well into the 90's.  None the less, I wanted to do at least something to start feeling "fall-ish".  For our dinner one night, I cooked a fantastically delicious (yippie, I finally got it right!) stew and had an itch to make corn bread.  I love corn bread!  I added a can of creamed corn for an extra bit of yumminess.  And I am just sure that's a word, because spell check didn't yell at me!

Mmmm...smells like fall!

I tucked a mini corn bread muffin into my daughter's lunch along with a simple fall leaf sandwich, cherry tomatoes, cheese, grapes carrots and pistachios.  Nothing came home, so despite the simplicity, I know the fall colors were a hit.

More fall yumminess.  My daughter and I made croissants together for dinner one evening.  It's a fun project that everyone will enjoy.  The chicken was baked, breast side down, so I promise it was much tastier then it looks.  Dinner is a great time to include your toddlers and preschoolers.  Green beans can be snipped with small scissors and added to to pot to cook by tiny, helpful hands.

Perhaps one of my favorite cookie cutters, the fish!  It is a super easy way to turn a boring sandwich into a delightful lunch treat.  The eye is a black sesame seed and the smile is a piece of toasted nori (sea weed) that I cut with a pair of scissors.  My daughter proudly told me that ALL her friends loved her lunch today.  Yes, it's a proud mommy moment.  Surprise your little one with something cute this week and reap the giant smile reward!

For the First Day of Autumn, I made a mini acorn sandwich.  The top piece of bread was cut out with an even smaller acorn cutter and I used the leftover scrap of crust to fill in the acorn cap.  My daughter LOVED the corn bread muffins, so today she got two.  The jack-o-lantern faces were made from toasted nori and a paper punch I picked up last year.  To get the nori to stay put, I used a dab of honey as glue.

Mmmm...fall is in the air!
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