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This week I stumbled upon a recipe and cute video tutorial on how to make Kale Chips from Today I Ate a Rainbow.  I couldn't resist, so we gave it a go!  Yum!  Here's a link to the video.  Try it!  You'll like it!

Mini sandwich flats cut in half to fit, topped with cherry tomato and black olive lady bugs.  Awe, come on, you KNOW that's cute!  I tossed a few of the kale chips into a tiny Rubbermaid container so they would stay crispy and not get crushed.

Ritz crackers stacked with peperoni and cheese on the right, mixed nuts on the left.  The carrots had a little room left over, so I was able to tuck a Babybel cheese wheel into the box.  Oh!  While you're here, please head on over to the Babybel contest and "like" my picture.  My daughter's school might win a snack break!  Fun!  And it's a great way to help spread the word about my blog.  Thanks in advance!  You know I would do the same!

Ah, leftovers.  Tortellini wish spinach and Alfredo sauce.  There was enough room in the bento box to add a few carrots, tomatoes and apple slices.  I used a mini cookie cutter to cut out the core.

Wait?!?  Only three lunches this week?  Yup.  I'll let you in on a little secret, we won free pizza lunch one day a week.  Do you know any three year old that would turn down pizza on pizza day?  Nope, I don't either!  That's how I get away with 4 lunches per week.  And we're skipping town a day early to attend a wedding, that just happens to coincide perfectly with teacher planning day.  Lucky us!

I hope you have a fantastic week!  And remember to try something new in your lunch box today!

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