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Ladybug Lunch Box - October 10


I just love putting a smile in my daughter's lunch box.  Today I managed to sneak on in with a pice of cheese.  A moon shaped mini cookie cutter and a straw worked perfectly!  The entrée was left over chicken and star pasta casserole.  It is about 100% yummier then it looks, promise!

I've been dying to get my hands on the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish bread. As it turns out, the fish just barely fits into the bento box.  Oops!  But with $1.20 off in coupons and this weeks BOGO deal at Publix, I couldn't resist.  FYI, these are not the best option for PB&J sandwiches.  Oh well!

Yes.  I CAN cook!  It's been known to happen.  What hasn't happened before today was egg rolls!  But the package of ready egg roll wraps was just calling my name.  A little pork, cabbage, carrots and oyster sauce and we were in business.  These also became my lunch the next day, too.  I've not sure if I like them more when they were fresh or as leftovers.  Yummy!  I highly recommend giving them a try one night!

Boo!  A simple Halloween cookie cutter, bread, deli meat and cheese get frightfully festive with a bit of toasted nori.

I just HAD to share my proud mommy moment.  The Pink Princess is still only three years old, but this week she did 5 year old work.  Yes, that's right folks, my three year old reads and writes poetry!  My daughter attends a Montessori school as is able to progress at her own level.  This week we had parent/teacher conferences.  With out a doubt, the Pink Princess will be doing kindergarden work by the next school year!  For this poem my daughter had to pick an animal and a color, then come up with two things about the animal.  She also had to cut out the animal's shape and poem paper on her own, then glue everything together.  While she didn't fully write the letters on her own this time (she traced them), the teachers say she is definitely ready to do it entirely on her own the next time she choses to do this project.  She already writes her own name as well as several other words.  Can you blame me for being a proud mama?



It hangs upside down

It sleeps in the day


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