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I'm having a hard time accepting the holiday season has officially started.  Every year it catches me by surprise!  Once Halloween has come and gone I have to start planning Christmas!  Oh, where oh were has 2011 gone!?!   For the last day of October, I send the Pink Princess off to school with a cheesy bat sandwich.  Today was black and orange day.  The bat, grapes and tomatoes are resting on a bed of carrots.  Sorta orange and sorta black...she sorta ate it all, so I'm sorta happy about it.  <Insert cheesy bat grin here> Oops!  What to do when you run out of bread (that the Pink Princess doesn't like to eat anyway)?  Ham pinwheels!  A quick slice and dunk in lemon juice for the apples, toss in grapes, tomatoes, Baby bell cheese and pistachios. Done!  "That was easy!" she said, while pressing the Staples Easy Button.I was able to tell my daughter that I loved her Swiss Much with this quick and simple number.  Okay, OKAY!  I'll make this again already!  Apparently there was quite a hullabaloo about the Nathan's Frank Octopuses.  You better believe I looked that word up, too!  How many of you thought the plural for of octopus was octopi?  Now back to the kids!  One of the little boys apparently though these were real and hid under the table, screaming.  That leads me to wonder just what my little angel was doing with her octopuses...hmmm.  Poor kid.  So, as previously stated, I WILL be making these again.  Cause I'm a cool mom like that. :)

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  • Karin on

    I use Bum Genius from, they are a bit more csotly but are made very well. They have a microfleece lining that stays dry. They use inserts which come with the diaper and I bought extras for them too. Sometimes though the velcro fastening rubs a little on my baby’s leg, so maybe look for a diaper that has hook fastening or poppers instead. There are LOTS on ebay, much cheaper too, just read feedback on products before you buy. I flush the poop down the toilet and wipe them off before going in the wash, if the poop was runny. I keep the dirty inserts in a sealed tub until I wash them he has about 18 inserts which i wash seperate from everything else. The diapers go in the wash with our clothes. With the inserts I add some baking soda in the wash as they sometimes start to smell funny after a while, the baking soda gets rid of the smell. I hang them to dry. I don’t have any diapers without inserts so not sure how they work. Hope this helps!

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