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Ladybug Lunch Box - November 7


Eek!  What a week!  The Pink Princess stayed home with a cough on Tuesday and was back to her normal self by noon the same day.  We tried a few home honey remedies to ease her cough, but she wasn't having any of it.  Seriously?!?  What almost 4 year old do YOU know that doesn't want a spoon full of honey?  And yes, I hummed the Mary Poppins song ALL day! So here is what we had for lunch this not judge, lest ye be judged.  Someone, who shall remain nameless, had a craving for fried chicken.  It hit the spot, thanks.  The Pink Princess piped up and added mac & cheese to the order.  It became lunch again the next day.  It hit the spot the second time around, too! When someone gets sick in my house, I like to make chicken soup.  I just can't help it.  Just making it helps me feel better.  That's what you see over on the left.   It was quite delish and I wanted to make sure to administer a second round at school, just incase the Princess wasn't feeling 100% when lunch time rolled around.  She also had an open faced sandwich, an entire orange for vitamin C, fresh picked from the garden tomato, grapes and yogurt.  Not too shabby.   Yes, that is MY lunch you see here.  I had to be on the other side of town and knew I wouldn't have a moment to stop for lunch.  I wasn't planning to take a picture, but when the "adult" sized piece of bread wouldn't fit into anything I could get my hands on in a hurry, I had to improvise.  My daughter would have been so proud.  Usually it is her job to cut out the PB&J sandwiches!  I tossed in a sliced orange, easier to cut it up at home, then try to peal it while driving!  Grapes and yes, you DO see a giant heart shaped brownie taking up a large portion of the bento box...I made several for a friend's birthday and kept one.  You're not judging me, are you?  Because I'm just sure you'd do the very same thing!Now, incase you were wondering what I was up to with the rest of my week...well...I'll show you.  And if you weren't waiting, finger nails between teeth, on the edge of your computer chair...don't tell me.  I'd like to pretend I'm famous. Buttercream frosting...yum!Gingerbread cookies to be tied to party favor bags.  Better then sugar cookies any day of the week! Royal Icing can print the free template here. And birthday cake.  It didn't quite turn out like I had hoped, but I came home with zero leftovers and many of the parents had I won't complain too much. :) How was YOUR week!?!

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