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I can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  I'm telling you, once Halloween hits, the rest of the year is just a blur.  But this IS a good time to give pause and think about all the things we have to be thankful for.  Just these past two weeks have given me MUCH to give thanks for!

Here's my short list:

  1. The worlds most perfect neighbor.  She has a little boy the perfect age to play with the Pink Princess AND a little princess of her own...the perfect age for me to get MY baby fix on. :)
  2. Birthday parties.   While I am not admitting to getting any older, my daughter sure is!  Birthday parties offer a good time to look around and meet the parents of the children your kids play with and talk about.
  3. Floating!  Ok, what?  Right up until this last week, the Pink Princess has been terrified to float on her back in a pool or even the bath tub.  She was given a Little Mermaid toy for her birthday.  Apparently, that did the trick!  I'm so proud of my little mermaid now!  We can't wait to try out her skills in a pool!
  4. Baby Showers.  I had the pleasure of throwing together a baby shower for a sweet mommy in our church.  Baby showers are so much fun!  And of course...that means a new baby is on the way!  Yippie!
  5. Good health.  While I didn't have it this week, its absence make me thankful for the times I do!  Cough, cough, hack, wheeze, sniff...VERY grateful!
  6. My wonderful, patient, loving husband.  I could just give him a giant squeeze right now, but he's in Sri Lanka at the moment.  Doh!
  7. Friends that are as close as family.  Do you have any of those?  I sure do!  And I love and cherish every single one of them!
  8. New babies!  I know several that were born just this week!  I can't wait to go visiting when I finally stop coughing.  The best part, they will ALL be using cloth diapers!
Now on to the lunch!  I had owl on the brain.  You'll see why in a minute.  My daughter thought this open faced sandwich was a hoot.  The eyes are Wilton Candy Eyes.  I picked up a package at my local craft store.  With a 50% off coupon, the entire package cost just a dollar.  For days when I'm running short on time and don't feel like punching out toasted nori, these will sure do the trick!  Just don't tell the school they are candy!  They have a strict "no candy" policy.  Shhh!

Sweet Pickles and ham skewers, Babybel cheese, crackers, carrots, tomatoes and apple slices.  Easy!Sometimes leftovers don't photograph well.  But I can assure you, there were no leftovers from lunch!  The Pink Princess LOVES pasta, broccoli and sausage.  Loves!  Toss in a tomato, fresh from the garden and a side of pineapple slices.  Yum.Would you call this child labor?  I put my daughter and her friend together to paint brown paper for a baby shower project I was working on.  It was fun to see the girl's reactions to the trees.  "That's why you needed the paper painted!?!"  Yup!  Thanks little ones!

We got to play a couple of fun games at this owl themed baby shower.  My favorite had to be the wiggly balloon baby diapering game.  Five ladies competed to see who could change prefold cloth diapers the fastest, without popping their water filled balloons.  Much better then the melted candy bar in the diaper game. We also played a pen and paper game of "Whooo's Your Mommy".  I printed out a long list of mommy animals and had the attendees fill in as many baby animal terms as they could.  Naturally, a long time teach was the winner...was her score ever impressive!!! The most notable thing from my week had to be the list of helpful friends that came together to throw the shower.  My neighbor went to town on hundreds of tiny gingerbread cookies.  It's hard to believe she's never used a piping bag before!  She got to practice her new skills again with 3 dozen eggs worth of deviled eggs.  There were NO leftovers!  The best recipes can be found here.  Oh, she's going to kill me for posting her picture!  <giggle> Another friend helped to cut out and assemble dozens of card stock cloth diapers for the gingerbread cookies and prep the other finger foods for the party.  At the event location, there was a team (including another very preggo mommy!) of fast working, cheerful friends to blow up and arrange balloons, set up food and decorations, and then clean up after the festivities.  Yes, this week leaves me truly thankful!  What a wonderful way to celebrate a new baby coming into the world!

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  • Krysten Mccollam on

    Great post!

  • Shawnna Reinbold on

    Love your blog!

  • Krysten Mccollam on

    Love your blog!

  • Nyak on

    NATALIE&NICOLES_MOMMY | September 7, 2011 One of the games we had played at my baby oswher was the " Mommy multitask game" what you will need is – a rope- clothe pins- a basket of baby clothes- a baby doll- and a cell phoneto play the game you have to people holding each end of the rope and whoevers turn it is to play has to hold the baby doll, be talking on the phone and see how many clothes they can pin up on the clothes line all at the same time. You give a set time limit and who ever gets the most clothes on the line without dropping the baby or the phone wins its a hilarious game.Another one was getting a jar ( or something like a coffee can ) and have a label on it saying " Closest to guessing amount of money in the can at the end of the baby oswher takes home ALL" So as everyone shows up have them put their spear change or even dollar bills into the jar. When it is time to play the game you have everyone come up and write down on a piece of paper what their guess is. Who ever is closet gets to take home a thing of " ALL laundry detergent " and the money goes into the Baby’s Fund . Have fun!!!

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