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Kale Chips

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I saw this adorable video from Today I Ate A Rainbow a few months back for Kale Chips.  None of us had ever actually tried Kale Chips before, so I thought, if the cute kid on the video could do it, then so could I!  My daughter and I set out to make them and LOVED them.  Fast forward a few months and I just HAD to have them again.  This time it became a wonderful afternoon activity and snack for my daughter and one of her best friends.  I occurred to me that I should take pictures...after my hands were covered in olive oil, so a giant "Thanks" to my hubby for stepping in as camera man!  Look!  There is a picture of me!

Making Kale Chips is easy and fun!

  1. Wash and dry fresh kale.
  2. Cut or tear into approximately 2" pieces.
  3. Coat with a thin layer of EVOO.  Use your fingers to cover all surfaces.
  4. Sprinkle with seasoning of your choice (we like Seasoned Salt or sea salt).  I've even seen some ideas for adding Parmesan cheese!  Yumm-o!
  5. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes, flip the chips as the bottoms start to get crispy.
  6. Allow to cool and enjoy!
                Up next...Eggplant Chips!  Did you know that an eggplant is a fruit, not a vegetable? And another fun fact that we figured out...the kale stays green if you put them in a dehydrator, instead of the oven.  Thanks for the idea, Hiney Lineys!  Click here for her method!  

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  • Tonia Nathan on

    GEEZ, I just baked my first batch of kale chips and they are absolutely delicious. I wish I had tried these so much sooner :)

  • dinda on

    I usually don’t dip them in anything, but chipotle BBQ sauce would be good! I went to a raw place in Arizona recently and they had chipotle cheddar kale chips. We snacked on them while driving to the Grand Canyon; they were spicy and delicious.

  • Eva on

    The kale chips are fantastic! I had made them to take to a party, but frankly I’m not sure they’ll make it out of the house! Thanks for the well-explained recipe! For those of us looking for fool-proof recipes, this one is a keeper.

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