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Salmon, Butternut Squash and Salad Recipes

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Total mouth orgasm.  That's the only way I can describe tonight's dinner.  And I can really say that this was OUR recipe, because I couldn't find one on the internet that matched what I had on hand.  If you know a better way to do it, go for it!  I'm just a mom, learning to cook healthy.  I'm only pretending to know what I'm doing in the kitchen! This is really easy.  Let me take you through, step by step.


I used coconut oil for the very first time tonight.  I scooped my spoon into the jar and coated the bottom of my skillet.  Brought the temp up to medium high and waited for it to get hot.  Then I sprinkled a good dose of kosher salt on the bottom of the pan, along with dried tarragon.  It was probably a tablespoon of salt, maybe a little less, no more, for sure.  And about 2 tsp of tarragon.  I sliced a fillet of wild caught, Pacific salmon, into three pieces and placed them skin side up, into the pan.  Then I put a lid on it and took care of an impromptu flower girl dress alteration that showed up.  I asked my super amazing husband to keep an eye one the salmon.  He added more salt and lemon juice.  I wish I could get more specific then that, but it really wasn't an exact science.  You can DO this!  The salmon was flipped to cook on the other side towards the end.

Butternut Squash and Thyme

I never seem to have enough thyme in the kitchen!  Har har.  First, I pealed, with a veggie pealer, an entire butternut squash.  Then It was cut into chucks, with the seeds removed.

Warning:  If you toss them into your garden, they WILL grow!  Ask me how I know!

I then used my cast iron skillet and browned 4 tbsp of unsalted butter.  This takes a little patience.  Medium high heat, check frequently, so as not to burn the butter.  When it is a light to medium brown, carefully, so not to splatter, put in your squash chunks.  Sprinkle with 1 tsp of sea salt.  I only had kosher, works just fine for me.  Then sprinkle on 1/2 tsp of thyme.  If you have fresh, USE IT!  I only had dried.

You are essentially frying the edges of the squash.  Try to brown as many sides as you can.  It will take some time.  Patience will pay off.  While you are browning to squash, turn your oven on to 350.  When the squash is ready, tent the skillet with foil and place in the oven for about 20 minutes.  Meanwhile, focus on your fish.  Or in my case, sewing a strap to the flower girl dress.


This was EASY!  Arrange spinach and mixed greens on each plate.  Add alfalfa sprouts if you desire.  Slice and add tomatoes and avocado slices.  Sprinkle the entire salad with a pinch of sea or koaser salt, fresh crushed peper and drizzle with a touch of EVOO. When plating up the salmon, I squeezed a lemon half over each piece, then the salads.

I took a bite of the warm butternut squash first and didn't stop until the left overs were gone.  My 4 year old ate as big a piece of salmon as my husband and I.  Blew us away.  There was just something amazing about the salmon tonight.  Have I been missing out going "cheep" with Atlantic salmon?  I don't know for sure, but this was divine!

Our cat also enjoyed a bit of salmon skin.  We didn't request that the Pink Princess eat it.  I on the other hand, left a clean plate.  Just like the cat...who was looking for more.    

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  • Pam on

    sounds wonderful! I love Salmon but haven’t cooked butternut squash that I can recall. Must try it!

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    […]  Eek!  It’s ok though, it’s turning into multiple meals and snacks.  And I dare say, tonight’s dinner was fabulous!!!  Wild caught Pacific salmon, butternut squash and salad greens topped with tomatoes, avocado, […]

  • Adi on

    Did they tell you how to prepare the sgehpatti squash? Here is what I do. Cut it in half legthwise, then scoop out the seeds. Sprinkle the insides with fresh ground pepper and a little bit of salt. Put the cut sides down on a pan, and then bake it at 350 for about 45 minutes (depending on the size). Hold each half (careful, it’s hot) and scrape out the insides with a fork. It will be kind of stringy like sgehpatti. Then I toss it with a small amount of butter and fresh chopped basil. If you put some sort of sauce over it, it will taste like pasta. I like a lite version of chicken cacciatore over it.

  • hiit on

    I like your fantastic web site. Just what I was searching for!
    Best regards

  • Sarwono on

    I’ve probably never had it and she doesn’t ermember having it ever either. We’ve always had crooknut squash and I’m a huge fan of that. I have to admit on initial title read of this meal, my first thought was eww LOL, but after I looked more carefully, I would be willing to try it. To me, Squash doesn’t go with Tacos like Pancakes and Steak. But then again, I’ve always found the concept of fish tacos really strange as well. I know, I know when it comes to food, I think I’m either extremely particular and picky or just desperately boring. But if you say it’s good, then it probably is wonderful. I thought the plate setup was beautiful. I love the different colors.

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