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Egg Carton Gardening

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I love gardening.  It's a fabulous way to get some vitamin D, exercise, and hear the birds sing.  It's probably good at lowering your blood pressure, too.  But that's only because I don't have to worry about deer or moles eating my veggies. :0 This week I was finally able to snag a few precious moments with the Pink Princess and one of her best friends to start seedlings.  I had been saving cardboard egg cartons just for this occasion.  The whole, eat healthy thing.  Good organic eggs usually come in cardboard containers.  It was my excuse for spending the extra money, since I didn't have to purchase or make biodegradable seed pots!  Work smarter, not harder, that's my motto!  Later I plan to plant carrot seeds into toilet paper tubes.  Normally you can't transplant carrot this is my little backyard experiment.  We'll see how it goes.

Spoon potting soil into cardboard egg cartons.  This is a GREAT project to do outside with your toddler or preschooler.  Do it inside at your kitchen table at your own peril.  Not that I would know anything about that...

Plant seeds according to package directions.  I found it easiest to fill the "cups" half way, place a seed on top of the soil and then sprinkle more soil on top of the seed.  The Pink Princess liked to poke holes.  I wasn't about to stop her.  I also didn't want to squelch her enthusiasm for gardening by telling her we don't exactly have room for full grown sunflowers.  She talked about planting them for a week straight!   She was sooo cute clutching the seed packet to her chest in the store.  I would have looked like a terrible, mean mommy if I said "no".  You should have seen the looks of the other shoppers!  Sigh.  I'll find a spot in our yard to make them work.

Water your seeds!

Hint: Before watering, place the egg cartons on something that can get wet, that is also a little stiffer.  Perhaps a plastic wrapped cookie sheet.  Once the cartons are wet, they get a little floppy and are harder to move.

Wow your kids with the wonders of nature!  We can't wait till these little seedlings are sturdy enough to plant into the garden!


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  • Patti Anselmo on

    This is such a WONDERFUL idea! I am totally going to steal it and do this with my 4 children!!!!!!! They will think I am a genius! :-)

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