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Wordless Wednesday

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  • Shannon on

    LOL! Yeah she is! She was serious about HER cloth diapers!

  • Pam on

    oh watch out! The Pink Princess is on the red phone!

  • Pam on

    Love this! I think I’m the first to see it since I happened to be on at the moment you posted it!! GreenMommy, YOU my friend are one ingenious mother!

  • Grace on

    - love hearing all of your successes!! happy to share my experience. :) Given our situation, I think I can count the number of diapers my hubby has changed on two hands. The responsibility is mine. However, I have heard this from several people, so I am going to post a link to a video of a real poopy diaper, just so you can show your hubbies just how it’s done. It’s sooo not bad. Not what they expect. And if all else fails present the finances. I bet you have a bunch of ways to spend several thousand dollars other than on diapers. ;) (my hubby was skeptical too and that was the final straw. he just thanked me last week for choosing to use them !!!)[]

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