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Military Diaper Bag

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  So, there was this wonderful mom I met on a Face Book group that decided to commit a random act of kindness, Green Mommy style!  She had 25 gently used cloth diapers and a wet bag, that she didn't need anymore.  She asked me if I might know moms that could use them.  Naturally, I did!  Donating approximately 3 diapers each, to various moms I knew, we were able to help 8 families fill in and build their cloth diaper stash!     But what could I do as a "thank you" from these moms, in return?  Well, I can sew a little bit <wink>.  We talked a little and I discovered she had a deep desire to honor her husband, and turn one of his uniforms into a diaper bag.  She wanted to proudly show everyone she is the loving wife to a U.S. Coast Guard.  Did you know my Dad was in the Coast Guard, too?  Yeah, good stuff!  So it was all arranged.  Trusting in my sewing skills, that she had never seen, I was sent the uniform, diapers and service patches.  It turned out pretty good, complete with a cell phone pocket on the shoulder strap and a ton of hidden extra pockets!  I thought I would share, mostly to say "thank you", once again, to one awesome, thoughtful, amazing mama! Before I get a ton of email requests, I should probably point out that I am not normally afforded the extra time to make diaper bags.  This was a special occasion and I am SO glad I was able to do it!  What special, random act of kindness have you done lately?  You never know how much it might mean to someone or just how many people you can help!      

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  • Stacy Stanford on

    I am also a Coastie wife and LOVE this!!!! What a fantastic idea and gift! Great idea momma! It turned out so wonderfully! Wish I had the talent to do that. I would love to sport a Coastie bag! New product idea for you green mommy!!

  • Berk on

    I use cloth at home and disposable when we go out. This is my 2nd baby on cloth so I’m so used to it I don’t find it any more work. Sometimes I get bhenid on washing them so use disposables in a pinch. Cloth is cheapest if you skip the fancy ones and just good old Chinese pre-folds and wraps with bio flushable liners. I’m glad we’ve done it this way. Saved some money and didn’t fill the landfills quite so much.

  • stacey k on

    I love love love love it! Can’t wait to put it to good use! Thank you so much for making this for me, I hope dh loves it just as much as I do!

  • Nikki on

    You do have amazing skills! Wow!

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