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My Mama Cloth Stash

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I keep having requests and inquiries for my personal mama cloth stash.  So, I'm finally sharing *some* of my stash with you!  Warning: There are pictures ahead, and if you try mama cloth yourself, you just might become a hopeless addict like me. Ok, now that the warning message has been given, I can get into the good stuff.  But first, why on earth would I choose to use something non disposable for "that time of the month"?  Well, simply because it is FAR more comfortable!  Oh yeah, there are health benefits, too.  LOTS of them. Here's my story, my first "coming out with the cloth" post about why I made the switch. The first picture is my favorite mama cloth.  Partially because it's simply my liner and panty shield.  It means that I'm nearing the end.  Yeah...woo hoo! I made the purple panty shield from two layers of micro fleece, turned and top-stitched.  When I first made this, I only had my old fashioned, hammer on, snaps; those are my "wings" that keep the shield in its place.  The plastic snaps are perfect for snapping on and off the thin liners.  The liners are made from a single layer of sweatshirt jersey, topped with a layer of suede cloth.  This system washes well and dries fast.  It's pure love.  Whoa!  What's that?  Well, it's my first attempt at making a leakproof panty shield, with a super absorbent, easy wash pad.  These are thick and yes, they DO resemble prefold diapers.  If you are a cloth diaper aficionado, chances are you have a ton of prefolds.  Do I even need to explain why these are awesome?  These are for my heaviest days.  The black material is bamboo French terry.  It's 3 times as absorbent as cotton.  The zebra print is suede cloth.  I'm a bit partial to the whole "stay dry" feeling.  It works for diapers AND mama cloth.  Really! These "prefolds" are made from up-cycled sweatshirt jersey.  There are few things more comfy than an old sweatshirt.  And sometimes, that's just what you need.  My serger was down for the count when I made these.  A triple zig-zag is your friend, but it's not 100% necessary.  Jersey won't fray, so you don't even need to anything to the edges.  The edges may roll however, and a stabilizing stitch around the edge helps quite a bit. I've paired these, for a visual, with a panty shield I made form a pattern that the designer called "The One".  In theory, it was good, but for me, it's not my favorite.  If you know the link to her pattern, please link to it!  The shield has a hidden layer of PUL.  You are supposed to be able to roll up absorbent material and slide it under the little "straps".  "The One" design led me to design the purple panty shield and snap on liners.  I'm more of a snap on, snap off kinda gal.  I'm not going to go into detail.  I'll just let you figure it out for yourself.  What ever works for you!

And you thought the zebra bamboo pads were huge.  THIS, my friends, is how I get through the night.  I have never leaked.  I'm actually fairly confident an elephant wouldn't leak out of this.  Basically, I covered all the areas that needed covering.  If you can sew, it doesn't take too much thinking to figure out how to cover your tush in all the necessary areas.  And that's really all I'm going to say on that subject.


The other two pads are also my lighter, night time options.  They are, all three, backed with PUL scraps.  That being said, they take forever to dry.  I was experimenting with different shapes and styles.  Let me give you a little piece of advice, do you trust me?  Ok.  NEVER use velcro on a pad.  It will ALWAYS find your thighs.  Always.  When I made these, I didn't have a snap press.  Now I do.  I've since replaced the velcro.  Learn from me, trust me, your thighs will thank you. And...drum roll please, here are some of my favorites.  This photo was taken before I added my super cute Charlie Banana Feminine Secrets in size Super, with the butterfly print, to my stash.  Personal experience, the "Liner" size are short.  The regulars are perfect, and the supers are my go-to option for all those times something super is required.  I LOVE how easy it is to snap up the pads into their own little packs.  Folded and snapped like this, they are extremely discreet and easy to slip into a pocket for a potty run.  Perfect for high school, work, trip to the park, or anywhere humans are generally found.  Bonus, no "crinkly", "I'm changing my pad" noises!  My Feminine Secrets are the favorite choice for when I'm going to be out of the house.  Just like most cloth diapering moms have their favorites for when they are out and about, these are my choice.  And come on, the super cute little wet bag is just perfect!  You know you want one!  Oh, I should also point out, if you DO choose to pamper yourself with mama fluff from Charlie Banana, I highly recommend getting different colors or prints for the different sizes.  It makes finding what you need (or sending the hubs) MUCH easier. Aaaand here's a picture of a mom I taught how to sew her own mama cloth.  This was her panty shield.  She needed something a bit more substantial in size, to keep the "tears of joy" from running down her leg (her words!), when I do things to her, like hide her sister in a box and surprise her on her birthday...he he he! Click here to be taken to a video that will make you laugh, cry and jump for joy! Whew!  Ok!  I did it!  No only did I post about WHY I use cloth, I posted pictures of it!  Eek!  I think it's going to be a while before I can exhale!  

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  • Shannon on

    Some women even use buttons! But the hammer on, metal ones do the trick quite nicely. Sometimes they rust, but you can just replace. Mine are still going strong, so I’m not planning to replace them any time soon!

  • Carolyn on

    Thanks! Great idea, I had even thought of the old fashioned ones you sew on because I don’t see buying a snap press as an option for a few items.

  • Heidi on

    Craft stores have inexpensive metal snaps that are applied with a hammer. Unless you have a sensitivity to them, metal snaps work wonderfully.

  • Carolyn on

    Lovely! Thank you – that helps SO much. But bummer. I was going to use velcro since I don’t have a snap press…hmm.

  • coupons for diapers on

    Thank you, I have just been searching for info about this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve came upon so far.

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