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Picnic Play Date Pictures 3/16/12


  Everyone had a fabulous time at today's picnic play date.  There was everything from swings, play ground, soccer, yummy food and good company. I even got to kick off my shoes and run through the grass with the kids, while yelling (like the crazy soccer coach I am), "Kick with you feet!  No hands!"   I think more picnics will definitely need to be scheduled while the weather is perfect. Perhaps this coming Saturday, March 24th?  I'll let the moms weigh in on the, ladies?  that means, let me know! Please enjoy a few pictures from today!  We had many families and I was not able to capture them all.  It just means you'll have to come again!  Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!                   Notice a watermelon theme?  Yeah, me, too!  I HAD a full bowl.  It arrived home empty.  That makes for one satisfied mama and about 8 delighted kids!

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  • Pam on

    What a wonderful outing for you mommies of littles!

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