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Baltic Amber...No Longer a Skeptic


You may recall the blog post on my own experience with Baltic Amber.  I would like to now briefly share with you my daughter's experience with it and it's effectiveness.

A picture speaks a 1,000 words.  This is MY bed.  The Pink Princess has her own, royal resting place.  She almost always sleeps in her own room; unless something caused her to awaken in the night.  She's champion sleeper now.  She's totally making up for the first 2 and a half years of her life.  See, mamas?  There IS hope!

The reason for this particular night's migration to our room was "growing pains".  I remember getting them when I was young.  They are super painful and make it impossible to sleep.  The poor little Princess was up on and off from about 1 am to 5:30 am.  Children's tylenol was administered at about 4 am when I realized these growing pains were worse then usual.  I finally became cognizant enough to remember the amber, at about 5 am.  Oh, if you could have only been there.  She tossed and turned, moaned and whimpered.  We wound an amber necklace around each of her ankles and within a very short while, she drifted off to sleep, peacefully.  This photo was taken at about 8:45 am, shortly before I HAD to wake her up.  We were supposed to get up at 8.  Oops!  Both of us were tired, and I know she needed the sleep.  You can often tell when a little one is in a deep, restful sleep.  Ain't no one gonna make THIS mama wake her exhausted baby too soon!

As I said, a picture speaks a 1,000 words.  This moment was entirely too darling not to share.  Was it the Tylenol, taking an unusually long time to kick in?  Or the amber, doing it's thing, naturally?  Honestly, I don't quite care.  My little Pink Princess was able to sleep and the cats decided to snuggle on in.  They would normally never sleep next to someone (even me) unless I'm out ALL the way, and not thrashing about.  The fact that they both (they pretend to hate each other) curled up like this tells me that they knew the Pink Princess wasn't feeling well, and they just wanted to offer a little extra comfort.  Things that make you go, "AWE"!

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  • Ashley on

    I’m so glad I read this. My poor baby has had a fever on and off along with restless nights for the last few days. I completely forgot about our amber! I got up right away and put it on her, here’s to hoping it works as good for us as it did for you little girl.

  • Pam on

    I’m so glad you are sharing the wonderful healing properties of the baltic amber! This post reminded me that I need to order two necklaces for two of my precious family members!

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