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Wednesday Woollies


My Sweet little Pink Princess!

I can't believe she is 4 now.  I must have blinked, because it really doesn't seem that long ago I held her squishy cloth diapered tushie in my arms!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Wednesday Woollies!

These wool diaper covers were lovingly knit by my mother-in-law.  I sure she beleived I was nuts at first, but with her amazing knitting skill, my nuttiness was soon forgotten and cuteness was quickly photographed.This set of photos, in the white cover, was taken when the Pink Princess was just 10 months old.  We were trying to find snow boots for our visit to the Grandparents house.  Do you know how HARD it is to find a reasonably priced set of snow boots for an early walker?  We live in sunny Florida.  Sigh.  Thank you!

The Little Miss donned her bracelets all by herself and was quite pleased to be stomping around in her new, pink boots.

In case you were wondering, wool diaper covers are AWESOME for hot, humid climates.  They are the MOST breathable diapering option, short of plain cotton with no cover.  Our wool covers were our go-to option for night time diapering.  You could stuff with lots of extra fluff, and the leg cuffs kept any leaks completely contained.

Here is a blog post from about wool diaper covers.  The guest blogger was Lisa Johnston from Between the Kids.  There is a photo of her son wearing one of my mother-in-law's wool covers.

Oooh!  FInal thought that jut struck me.  I actually still have a few  wool covers on hand!  Send me an email, before making a purchase, and I can tell you just what I have left.  Once they are gone, they are GONE!

Have a Fluffy Day!

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  • Bruno on

    I have just been introduced to this renect cloth diaper fad I have two young children 13 months apart, both still in diapers (although my daughter is moving onto pull-ups now that she’s 2!) and could not imagine adding diapers to the mountain of laundry that seems to never be complete!! I applaud the moms that can make it happen, but this full time working momma is thankful Huggies makes a great diaper!

  • Green Baby Week 6 - Becoming "That" Family | Green Mommy Diapers on

    […] when we go out of the house.  Homemade fitteds and prefolds are perfect for home.  Did I mention sweet wool covers?  Sigh…yeah!  By the way, the cover on that darling baby up there is MINE! […]

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