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Dinner Conversation #5912


It never ceases to amaze me the things that come out of children's mouths.  Tonight the Pink Princess had one of her best friends over to play.  We'll call him "Awesome Kid", because that's his favorite thing to say, "Awe...suuummmm!". It got late and so I made a quick dinner consisting of Octopus Hot Dogs and fresh, steamed green beans from a local organic CSA farm.  Popsicles were awarded after both kids finished their meals.  That was apparently a huge treat.  For the Pink Princess, we rarely have dessert. For Awesome Kid, as I later found out, his mother told him he had to wait until school was out for the summer.  Oops!  She can show me that she's forgiven me by making some chai. :) While eating the octopi, Awesome Kid dropped his.  "I lost my poor meatball" anyone?  Any who, the discussion went as follows: Pink Princess: Just pick it up, then blow it off.  It'll be clean again. Awesome Kid: WHAT?!? Pink Princess:  Yeah!  That's what my Daddy says.  Just blow it, then it's clean.  Just like that!'t respond quickly enough to keep the half eaten octopi from being devoured by Awesome Kid.  His response?  "Awe...suuuummm!  I never kneeewww that!" The adult in the room was then amused when Awesome Kid soberingly realized there were still these green stick looking things on his plate. Awesome Kid: What are these? Green Mommy:  Green Beans. Awesome Kid: What?!? Green Mommy <sighs>:  You eat them like french fries. Awesome Kid then proceeded to dip his long green bean into the little ketchup dish on his plate (super cute, I should have taken a picture) and eat it.   Green Mommy <face palms>:  Well, maybe without the ketchup.  I suppose you could do it that way, too though. Pink Princess: No Awesome Kid!  You eat them like this! The Pink Princess then proceeds to dissect her green beans and pop out the seeds before eating.  <Sigh>  

For the remainder of the evening we told Knock Knock jokes.  Orange you glad I didn't say "banana" again?

The favorite joke of the night, by far, was:

How do you make a tissue dance?


You put a little boogie in it.

Awesome Kid could not believe I said "boogie"!

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  • amanda knox on

    Aww lol that is too cute! :)

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