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Tap Shoes and a Smile


And then she proceeded to tap dance, wearing ONLY a set of tap shoes and a smile, all the way to her room.

Sigh.  Kids say and do the darndest things.

I had just given the Pink Princess a bath and sent her to her room with her father, to put on pajamas, and read a book before bed.  She emerged with a set of tap shoes, that had been carefully hidden in a drawer...and no pajamas.  She insisted on having me help her to tie the laces.  I was chuckling the whole time.  Sure, I could have sent her back to her room for her PJ's, but where would the fun have been?  This way I got to watch her bare bum tapping all the way back to the bedroom.

Oh, what wonderful, memorable, silly moments in time.

Why am I including this on my blog?  So I can remember it and you can get a good giggle.  What silly things have your wee ones done to make you chuckle?

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