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Zuppa Tucana Knock Off Recipe


I had quite a bit of fresh kale from my CSA share this week.  What to do, what to do?  Oh!  I know!  Make Zuppa Tucana Olive Garden style!

I followed this recipe here.

Click here for recipe.

And was not disapointed.

I read  the reviews of the Olive Garden knock-off recipe and decided to cook my bacon and onions at the same time, right after browning the italian sausage.  It was a good choice.  I just took the sausage out after cooking, placed it in a bowl and dumped my chopped bacon and onion into the same pot. I have a deep skillet with a lid.  That worked well for me, too.  Go figure, I added a sprinkle of red pepper flakes that have been sitting in my pantry for years.  You would think their potency wouldn't have been too strong, well...whoa!  Try this recipe without the pepper flakes first.  Or maybe my mild Italian sausage wasn't so mild.  I'm not sure which, but I do know, the Pink Princess doesn't like spicy foods, so...more for Mr. Fix-it and myself.  Mr. Fix-it LOVES spicy food!

Update: So long as she has something to drink near by, the Pink Princess LOVES this, too!       Woo hoo!  New family favorite!

I also didn't have chicken broth on hand, so I used a mix of veggie and beef broth.  It was still quite perfect!  And heavy cream isn't usually stocked in my fridge, so my raw milk worked as a nice substitute.  Next time, if I want to go creamier, I'll use the heavy cream.  There was enough to make several individual serving size bowls to stock in the fridge.  This is going to make a particularly nice lunch today...cause yeah, I was cooking this at midnight last night (early pregnancy craving).

Some times you just gotta Tucana! :D


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