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Father's Day 2012

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  Father's Day always gives me the warm fuzzes.  I was very blessed as a child to have a father that truly loved his children.  Did you know, he had me reading by age 3?  By age 5 I was reading on a 1st grade level.  The vast quantity of quality time was never lost on us.  Even if it was something simple, like sitting in the bathroom, while he fixed the toilet.  There were lessons there, and he used every moment to teach us.  Probably why I can fix my own toilets now.


Well, you know what they say, and is true? Little girls grow up to marry men just like their daddies. I was blessed to have a wonderful example on what to look for in a husband. Because of the direction and foundation my father gave me, I am now married to the most wonderful man in the world. That's my Daddy, and he's taking me down the isle towards Mr. Fix-it. You know, HE can fix toilets, too?!?   Somewhere around here I have pictures of the Pink Princess "helping" her daddy fix things in the bathroom.  I so hope she'll have a love story like mine, because of the wonderful example her father sets. On that note, I charge you, men.  Build a good foundation for your children.  Your sons are looking up to you.  How well do you treat your wife?  They are watching, and learning.  Your daughters are being imprinted with what a real man looks like.  You are what she will look for in a future mate.  

When I was in high school, I found a bumper sticker that became that years Father's Day gift.  It read,

"Anyone can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a daddy."  

It was 100% spot on.  I was the proud little fifth grader that would gleefully announce to her friends, "That's my daddy!"  He wasn't just a father, he was so much more.  It had nothing to do with the copious amounts of money he spend on us, because, quite frankly, there wasn't much.  Or the fabulous dream vacations he took us on to exotic places in far away lands.  Our dream vacations were spend on $8 a night camp site rentals, so we could tube down rivers, or visit historic battle fields the next day.  You know, in a head to head competition, I'm not quite sure who would win in a canoe race, Mr. Fix-it or my dad!  Hmm...I'm thinking a canoe trip may be in the cards for this summer!


I love that my little girl looks up to her father, Mr. Fix-it, with the same love and affection I have for my dad.  And naturally, I get a little misty eyed when I catch moments of her doing the same with Grandpa.

I love you Dad.

Thank you for being the best kind of daddy there is; one who helped me find the best kind of dad for my kids!


Father's Day! 


Father's Day!  


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