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Don't Giveaway The Ending!


Hi ya fellow Green Mommies!  I'll bet you're dying to know what the title of this post is all about!  Well, you're being sworn to secrecy, sort of.  I mean, obviously, if I'm posting this on the world wide web, the secrets going to get out, but let's have a little fun with this as long as we can.  Ok?  Make sure to post on the Green Mommy Diapers Face Book page that you've seen this!  Feel free to share it, too!  Like it, say, "Ha! I just knew it!", "How did you keep this great news quiet for so long?!?" or "That was the best blog post ever!!!". Just don't giveaway the ending! Below is a You Tube link and video.  Yup, you guessed it, that's where the surprise is hidden.  Nope, I'm not making this easy on you.  I'm going to make you sit there for a whole minute and a half listening to kookie music while subjected to images of the Pink Princess. Today's video marks the start of a new direction of videos.  I'm going to walk you through new things we learn, see, do, etc.  Aren't you excited?  I'm hoping you will learn new things, too!  That's the point, after all!  And of course, the Pink Princess will be along for the ride.  Her enunciation skills have gotten very impressive for a 4 year old, and her willingness to be on camera has blossomed.  Have you seen her recite the Pledge of Allegiance?  When I recorded this, she had JUST turned 4.  Proud mommy moment.

Please allow me a moment to glow.  

I'm SO excited to have my little one host videos with me!  I would expect quite a bit of the videos will be related to the surprise at the end of the video.  So tell me what you would like to see through the eyes of the Pink Princess?   We will also be doing crafts and cooking videos.  Did you know my daughter has been expertly folding flat fold diapers out of handkerchiefs since she was three?  We'll finally get that on video for you.  If SHE can do it, anyone can!  No excuses!  Receiving blankets make excellent flat fold diapers, too!  Ask me how I know! Isn't he a cutie?  His mommy left me in charge for a few hours.  This little man got to wear everything from the diaper you see him in, to the Ikea prefold diaper, and Charlie Banana soft squishiness.  Yeah, that's what happens when I baby sit. Another little surprise, for me anyway, is the entire set of new kitchen cabinets sitting in the middle of my living room floor.  We're getting a new kitchen!  Yippie!  Hopefully it will make videoing SO much easier.  The plan is to rearrange a few things to be more kid friendly.  Not only is the Pink Princess willing to cook, now she'll be able!  And sure as shooting, if she can whip up a quiche and a loaf of bread, so can you or your older kids.  Mommy needs a break now and then, right?  You're welcome. :) I will also be making much more regular camera appearances, not just posing as a hand model while sewing. Ha ha! Watch the video, and I'm sure you'll figure out what they will be all about.  We are VERY excited as we've been waiting a long time for this.  So watch and tell me what you would like to see! Oh, I hope you find this whole thing as fun and exciting as we do!  Most importantly I hope you find this educational! If you've got questions, ask away! All the best blog posts and video ideas come from you!! Make sure to check back often, we've got SO much planned! Post your comments here and on Face Book, just remember, DON'T give away the ending!

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  • Tonya Hankins on

    Congratulations Pink Princess and Green family. I’m sure she will be a GREAT big sister!!!!

  • Nikki on

    Awesome video! Yippee! Yippee! YIPPEE!

  • Ginger on

    I LOVE it!!!

  • Paola Livingstone on

    Sooooooo wonderful!

  • Carolyn on

    OH that IS great news! Congratulations!!

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