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Green Baby Week 1,2,3 and um...4

Belly Laughs birds and the bees Blog Clearblue Clearblue Easy coupons green baby Lowe's morning sickness nausea pregnancy test've probably already heard the news from somewhere.  Mr. Fix-It and I are expecting the arrival of Green Baby!  We're so happy!  We always wanted two children and never expected there to be such a gap between the two.  This is exciting!  The Pink Princess already takes such good care of other babies and animals.  I can't wait for her to be a big sister! This blog post will go live AFTER we announce our expected arrival publicly.  In the mean time, it's fun to track and I hope you'll find useful things for your own pregnancy, even if it's only a good belly laugh.  Speaking of, when I was pregnant with the Pink Princess, the book, "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy was probably one of THE most useful books I read.  What?!?  You ask.  Yeah.  No other "What to Expect" book told me about the "snail trail"!  And quite frankly, I needed to laugh.  Don't we all?  So, if this is your first baby, go out and read all the other books, and before your head explodes, pick this one up, too. Now here comes the part where I tell you how it, how I found out about Green Baby, I mean.  Come on, y'all KNOW how it happened!   There was this bird, see?  And then this bee came and...Ha ha. I sometimes have a hard time remembering to mark Aunt Flo's visits each month on my paper calendar, but Mr. Fix-It recently insisted I needed this fancy new phone thingy called an iPhone.  I'm proud to say I installed my very first app all by my self!  I've only had it 6 months.  LOL  The app is called Pink Pad.  It's free and is a super quick way to keep track of when, how heavy, your weight, mood, etc..  I plugged in Aunt Flo's last known whereabouts and kept on with my busy schedule.  But then the count down began...and the days late started adding up.  Hmmm...I wasn't 100% sure the exact date of her last visit, but I was mostly sure.  Could being a day or two off have affected my "over due" status that much?  I rechecked with the paper calendar and was still almost 100% sure of the dates. Days late 1 I used to coupon quite a bit.  Nothing completely crazy, just regularly saving 50-60% on my grocery bill.  My schedule has been jam packed and I have been eating foods that just weren't available with coupons, so I had let my impressive coupon binder collect dust.  I even stopped getting two newspapers to be able to get the most bang for my buck at Publix with their BOGO deals.  Gasp!  I know!  But, on Sunday afternoon, nothing else looked more appealing then cleaning out my coupon clutter and updating the binder.  Actually, I wanted a nap, but that wasn't going to happen...sigh.  I remember clipping out a coupon for a digital Clear Blue Easy test.  "Why not?" and "It can't hurt to have one if there is a sale I can pair this up with" were my thoughts.  Yeah, I'm a couponer at heart. Days late 2 Well wouldn't you know, there WAS a sale, and there was only one of the specified tests listed on the coupon left, AND I had to reach a minimum on my shopping bill to get another deal...the test went into the cart.  That was a Monday, I was two days late. Days late 3 Good morning Tuesday! So, Mr. Fix-It and I have been talking about redoing our kitchen for some time.  It needs to be done.  We've lived in this house 8 years, the house is almost 30 years old, and there were just things that NEEDED to be done.  That, and we have been looking at moving to a larger home, so in order to sell and/or rent, upgrades just need to happen.  Ok?  Got it?  Good.

We had an appointment to meet with our wonderful kitchen design specialist at a local hardware store.  Poor guy has been putting up with us for months.  First we want to hurry, then we want to wait, then...oh, let's just get this done already!!!  We stopped by the store to finalize everything, FINALLY, and get the ball moving.  Earlier that morning I had mentioned on a private Face Book group that I was three days late and my boobs were sore.  I figured, I'd been walking around with my favorite Charlie Banana Butterfly print Feminine Secrets pad in size Super, since Sunday, if I said something, Aunt Flo would instantly pop in for a visit.  I hate being impatient, but come on, get it over with already!!!  The demands from all the ladies were insane!  "Go POAS already!!!"  I just love those ladies!  I would have done the very same thing to anyone else.  But at that moment, I didn't HAVE to pee.  So, what was I to do?  I tucked the test into my purse, right next to my size super butterfly print pad and headed out the door to our appointment.

When you're pregnant, you don't always think through things clearly.  IF I chose to pee on the stick at the store, HOW would I keep it a secret long enough to tell my husband in a creative way?  Yeah...not too bright.  I finally had to pee, after walking into the store mentioning that I was feeling a bit nauseas.  I read (just now when I went looking for the link to the pregnancy test) that it takes 3 minutes for the test results to pop up.  Um...I think it took 30 to 45 seconds.  My eyes welled up a bit in the bathroom mirror, but I decided not to look for more then .3 seconds or I was going to cry.  I was happy, yes, but also in shock.  WHY I was in shock, I don't know.  I mean, we WERE playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun...yeah...anyway.  :) I went back to meet with my husband and our designer.  Mr. Fix-It asked me what was wrong and I said, "nothing".  Well, technically nothing was wrong, right?  But then I couldn't hold it in and I whispered, "I'm pregnant".  It took a moment, but he knew I was serious.  I think he was more in shock at the timing of where and how I told him.  LOL  Oh well.  It'll go into the history books as being the least romantic way to say, "You're going to be a dad again".  We DID get an extra nice deal thrown in for our kitchen sink though.  Yeah, that's right.  The Lowe's guy was the second person to know that the Green Baby was on the way.  He'll have a great story to tell over dinner. Days late 4 Had a visit with a wonderful massage therapist to show me new techniques she learned for pregnant mommies.  The appointment was booked a solid month before, talk about timing!  I hope to be able to offer her a location where she can teach moms and their partners to do these massages and stretches.  It would be very useful and helpful!  And a total Green Mommy perk.   By the way, YOU are a Green Mommy.  Unless of course you're a Green Daddy.  We'd want you there, too! :) On the way home, I had some time and passed a Kohl's.  It's not normally on my route, so...knowing I would soon be needing a few new pieces, I stopped in.  Let me just tell you how funny I found it to be pinching tops under the arm saying to myself, "well, if I just take it in a little here...", and "why are these size medium skirts falling off me?"  Ladies, I've been a GOOD medium to large for the majority of our married life.  We just celebrated 8 years.  Mediums SHOULD have fit me!  But, I decided to grab a small top and skirt anyway.  I'm still baffled.  I came home with a SMALL skirt and top!  Hopefully I'll be able to wear the super stretchy jersey skirt long into the pregnancy.  I actually think I will!  Thank you Primal Diet! With the Pink Princess, I gained 45 lbs and was miserable.  This time around I know better.  Weekly trips to Village Inn for chicken fried steak and peanut butter pie are off limits!  My target is to stay under 30 lbs gained.  I am only JUST now hitting my lowest post pregnancy weight.  It only took 4 years...sigh.  Naturally, that's why I got pregnant again, right?  I'm hoping all the clothes that just became too big for me, will now sustain me through most or even all the the pregnancy.  With any luck, I won't have to start stockpiling maternity clothes at the 10 week mark, like last time.  Maxi dresses are going to be my best friends! Days late 5 and 4 weeks pregnant. I have two thoughts for you today.  Sore boobs and nausea!  But somehow the bun-less mushroom swiss burger calmed down the nausea, or perhaps it was all the lemons I put into my glass of water.  Sigh.  Does it matter?  My boobs are still sore! Scratching my head on how all the due date calculators think I'm 4 weeks pregnant already.  Um...Mr. Fix-It has only been home 3 weeks.  I'd have  LOT of explaining to do!  Then I found this site that explained it a touch better.  It basically says that I wasn't actually pregnant the first two weeks.  Whew!  Green Baby is only about 19 days along now, BUT for the sake of sticking with the pregnancy calculators, we'll stick with saying I'm 4 weeks along. On a very fun side note, my co-worker at the bridal shop (my "other" job) also came clean on why she had been a little under the weather lately. guessed it!  We're going to be belly buddies!  Woo hoo!  She's three weeks ahead of me.  We're already talking about how we will announce it for the bridal shop.  We're thinking a cute photo with sparkly sashes tied around our growing bellies, and the designer in the middle of the belly buddies.  We can say something like, "Our Bridal Shop is growing by 4 feet".  I think it will be cute.  Sigh...I was supposed to keep this quiet for a bit but...come ON!!!  When the first thing said in the morning was, "I have some news" and I had the SAME news...I burst.  And quite frankly, I am so relieved to have some ladies to chat about it with.  I was going to DIE if I had to keep a lid on it much longer. So now tell me, how long were YOU able to keep it a secret? And for my final note, my bras don't fit and it's driving me nuts!  I was JUST about to cash in a Victoria's Secret gift card and get a bra or two in my new, smaller size.  I've dropped 12 lbs and at least a cup size or two since the first of the year, but with the new news, I'm sure I will be filling out my old bras in short order.  Part of me wants to avoid buying new bras (mostly because I'm frugal and I HATE bra shopping), the other part of me was actually looking forward to retiring some of the tired, old undergarments.  Sigh.  How long were you able to go in your regular bras before having to size up?

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    wow! your co-worker as well? Now that is something to blog about! Congrats to all of you involved tee hee!

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