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Green Baby Week 5

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The excitement and nausea are building!  We're still not telling anyone...well, ALMOST not telling anyone.  A few, very select, helpful friends and professionals now know.  That and the sweet lady at the kitchen store in the mall.  She was SO nice, and we were eyeing the new Vitamix mixer...sigh...I just couldn't help it. :)  But that's ok, she told me that she could spill the beans about her new grand baby to customers, since they won't tell, either.  It's like we were kindred spirits.  And yes, she will be passing along info about your's truly to the expecting parents.  Gotta spread the cloth diapering love! So, who might you ask, was one of my first calls?  Why, Jessica from [MOD] momma, Inc., of course!  To quote her exactly, "Relax, take care of yourself and I'll handle the details!"  Whew!  That was SO good to hear!  I told her we were planning a home birth and I needed a list of good midwives to interview.  That's not really something you want to have to look up in the phone book and cold call yourself, you know?  The appointment to meet with her is scheduled for next week. I say we're planning a home birth...I should clarify, I am planning a home birth.  My husband isn't 100% convinced just yet, BUT after watching The Business of Being Born, he is MUCH more convinced.  Our first visit will be at a birthing center, then we'll start intervewing midwifes in our home.  After the movie, I think the is starting to figure out my reasonings.  I'll elaborate as the weeks go on...and on and on...only 35 more to go!  Yipes! OH MY WORD!  I MUST have a big fat juicy hamburger!  NOW!!!  I don't remember having true cravings with the Pink Princess, but boy oh boy, am I having them now!  I've desired red meat everyday for the past week.  While I've only gotten it twice, we already have plans to get more.  I think Mr. Fix-it is finding amusement in this, too.  I wanted to devour the menu on our first ever visit to Red Robin.  Not eat everything on the menu, but actually EAT the pictures of burgers on the menu.  Thankfully it was laminated, so there was no harm done.  Warning:  If you're pregnant and having cravings RIGHT now, this may not be a good time to click on their website link...don't blame me if you eat your computer monitor. Keeping this a secret has proven to be a test of the will.  It's so much fun to pop the info on people, I just want to do it!  But...I'm being mostly good.  Releasing some excitement on let's say, the kitchen store lady, certainly helped.  When she eventually reads this, the sweet young lady from my church that does the mall surveys is just going to dye, too.  In order to be eligible to do a survey on cheese, I had to answer whether or not I was pregnant or nursing.  I said, "Can I plead the 5th?"  She didn't catch it and just put down "no".  Bwahaha! My husband has been very supportive so far.  This morning he asked me how I was feeling (it's not been fun).  Honestly, I could just kiss him.  Well...I could do a lot of other things, too.  We are married after all...any way...He has decided that we should walk the mall at least twice a week.  I REALLY don't want to put on all the weight I did with my first pregnancy, and I appreciate his eagerness to help in a non judgmental, I married the best guy in the world, sort of way.  I hope every mama has someone as supportive.  He was also the one to pull ME into the kitchen store to check out the Vitamix, take a mall survey from our church friend, and take me to lunch at Red Robin without batting an eye at my cravings.  Course, I blame the survey lady...she DID mention something about a burger with a fried egg on it....yum!  Craving city!  I ended up with the guacamole.  I'm also craving avocados.  I would have had one on my omelet this morning, but the Pink Princess wanted pancakes instead.  Sigh. I have ordered a set of Queasy Beads for myself and my coworker.  My nausea is getting worse and I know she's already in the midst of it.  Poor thing.  The sweatband SeaBands are working for her, but really...sweat bands just aren't quite the fashion statement either of us want to make.  That and neither of us wants to constantly tell people just why we are wearing them.  The Queasy Beads just LOOK cute!  Here's hoping they work!  I'll keep you posted!

Halfway through Week 5

This week is dragging along.  Thankfully the owner of Queasy Beads has been very good about keeping me updated on my order.  She doesn't yet know half of it is for me.  And after my first offering to the porceline god this evening, they can't arrive soon enough!  I was a little worried how I was going to keep all the weight I've lost off during this pregnancy...well, there you have it.  Sigh.  And before you go yelling at me, I KNOW I will gain weight, I'm just hoping it's not 45 lbs like I did the last time!  A respectable 30 lbs would be just fine by me. So far this week I have learned two things: 1) I really need to do a detail clean of my toilet and bathroom floor, since it's clear I'm going to be spending a lot of time there. 2) I'm REALLY glad I purchased a super soft and comfy bathmat several months back.  If you're pregnant and queasy...go get a good bathmat.  You can thank me every time you have to kneel on it. This week has also brought wonderful news from a cousin-in-law.  She and her husband announced their impending arrival of ten fingers and toes on Mother's Day!  I got an email with a picture of the framed pregnancy test photo.  Whew!  Now I'm glad we didn't announce the arrival of Green Baby on the same day, too!  This will be their first and we are SOOOO excited!  Little does she know, I'm due only two weeks behind her!  I jumped on the phone the moment I saw the email to congratulate her.  My husband about freaked out, he was SURE I'd spill.  We'll have to leave that to her to tell you how cool I played it.  Course now the pressure is REALLY on!  Our announcement has to be good! Before the evening gets too late, I had better go and make my lunch for tomorrow.  Today all I felt up to eating was an omelette for breakfast, a sliced Pink Lady apple with almond butter for lunch, a few Ritz crackers as a late evening snack, part of a meatball sub...and one bite of a $6 hot dog from an ice show we took the Pink Princess to see.  The hot dog was the first thing I offered back to the Porcelain god "O-rark".  Good to know, I really shouldn't have paid that much for that hot dog (and pregnant women aren't supposed to be eating hot dogs anyway).  Sigh. On the plus side, watching my daughter was more fun than watching the ice show.  Oh, to see her eyes fill with excitement and wonder, enraptured by the jumping, spinning and twirling glittery costumed skaters!  She was on the edge of her seat most of the show!  I LOVE watching the world through her eyes! Mr. Fix-it and I can't wait to share the coming arrival of Green Baby with the Pink Princess.  I'm hoping to watch her eyes fill with just as much excitement as the ice show, when it really sinks in that she is going to be a big sister!

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