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Green Baby Week 6 - Becoming That Family

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Poo, sewing and weddings. My weight has fluctuated only a little.  It's not baby weight, it's poo.  Grr!  I'm not exactly about to show THAT off!  Ha ha! It's been hard (no pun intended).  Nothing tastes good, well, things taste good, I just can't bring myself to eat.  But when I do, I inhale food.  ANY food.  Oh well.  I remember reading that once the placenta is fully formed around the baby, the hormones even out, the nausea recedes and you can go on to be a happy, glowing, pregnant person.  It was true when I was pregnant with the Pink Princess, so here's hoping I'll be showing, after I stop throwing...up.  Right now I can honestly blame the pooch on poo. I hosted a Sit & Sew event right after teaching a Cloth Diaper 101 class.  It was sew much fun!  I can't wait to get together with the ladies again!  What did I work on?  A fitted newborn diaper made from and old pair of flannel pajamas.  I should be able to get quite a few more of them out of the PJ top and bottom set.  Giggle!  No one quite knows WHY I chose to make newborn diapers.  But if you figure, a newborn goes through a ton of diapers per day, then quickly outgrows them, I'm best off using up-cycled materials that I was going to pitch anyway.  Newborn diapers are actually the hardest to make, because they are just so tiny!  But if you can, spend your happy pregnancy days pounding out a few a day and you'll be set!  I figure, two dozen homemade fitted diapers, a few Lil•Joey covers and I'll fill in the rest of my stash with regular Lil•Joey's, bumGenius newborns, Apple Cheeks size 1's and the XS Charlie Banana diapers.  Yup...that should do.  And at least a dozen size small Green Mountain Diaper prefolds.  Whoa, that WILL be an impressive newborn stash!  I love my pockets and newborn AIO's for when we go out of the house.  Homemade fitteds and prefolds are perfect for home.  Did I mention sweet wool covers?  Sigh...yeah!  By the way, the cover on that darling baby up there is MINE!  Bwahaha! I also love my brother and his fiancé.  But this week posed an interesting challenge.  I will be making the wedding dress (that's not the challenge).  She's going to be the most beautiful bride!  So, here's where the challenge came in, I double checked the wedding date with said beautiful bride, then sat and stared at the texted wedding date on my phone.  My brain was going in slow-mo.  Why did that date look familiar?  Oh! Noooooooo!  Their wedding date is my exact due date!  I wouldn't miss their wedding for anything in the world...except being in labor.  Shoot!  So I called the bride and quickly explained our predicament.  She's a doll, have I told you?  The wedding is several states away from where we live, so it's pretty much not possible to make the wedding with it's current date.  She's now working to change things around with vendors and venue.  I feel terrible, they have already put down deposits and everything!  But through it all, the bride's character is coming out.  She's beautiful, and gracious, inside and out.  I must be hormonal, because I'm tearing up as I type.  My brother's got a good one.  If he ever lets her go, I'll kill him.  Well, not really, but you know what I mean.  I'm SO happy for the two of them!  Now here's hoping pushing the date back by one month will give me time.  If everything goes well with the delivery, I should be up and ready to cry big old tears of happiness at the wedding, holding a newborn in one hand, the Pink Princess's hand in the other and Mr. Fix-it's arm around me.  Oh, it's going to be a beautiful moment! And then I go back to thinking about my newborn diaper stash.  This will be tricky.  I just can't show up to the wedding with the Green Baby in plastic! the dates get closer, I'll have to check out the washing options.  I may be doing my very own Flats Challenge!  Hmmm... I wonder what would happen if I cut up and sewed the ends shut on the Flip disposable inserts, so it would fit better on a newborn?  What an interesting thought!  I'll revisit the thought when I'm less hormonal and more happy glowing prego belly.

Half way through week 6

Mr. Fix-it and I visited a "local" birth center.  The best in the area, according to reviews of mom's I've chatted with over the years.  I'm glad we did.  Then we followed it up with meeting our first midwife.  What a difference from a hospital!  Love!  But, unfortunately, the birth center rubbed me the wrong way.  The center is a good 35 minute drive from our house and I wanted to know what I should do, and what they would do, if labor progresses faster then anyone expected, and I couldn't make the drive.  The poor lady stared at me for half a second and said firmly, "Call 911!"  Is it weird that I was shocked?  Um, wouldn't you send the on call midwife to my home RIGHT away?  Or at least plan to meet me at the hospital?  Something?  Anything?  It felt very much like if we couldn't make it, we were going to be at the mercy of the EMT's.  I actually have a friend who's an EMT and he's delivered a LOT of babies, but...really?  You have no back up plan?  Sigh.  Like I said, rubbed me the wrong way.  I know, I know, WHY wouldn't I get there on time, you ask?  Darn YouTube videos of moms having 20 minute labors...I was simply curious! The midwife on the other hand, opened her office doors to us barefoot and braless.  Is it weird that I immediately felt like she really knew her stuff and could completely handle anything any type of labor could throw at her?  While chatting I learned why.  Not only did she immediately recognize what my Queasy Beads were ("Oh!  You're having nausea, I see!", pointing at my bracelets.) She's delivered more babies then she could count, well, she stopped counting after 800.  In multiple countries and on doctor missions trips, too!  She has been practicing in the area for quite a few years as well.  She even explained the uses and purposes of biting a placenta to stop hemorrhaging.  Whoa!  Back er up...that IS what she said!  We chatted about it a bit more and clearly, she DOES know her stuff.  I'm going to have to refer to her as MacGyver Midwife, because I get the feeling she could handle anything, WITH anything she had on hand.  There is the added bonus that she has all the ultrasound machines she will ever need to use, in her office.  I like not having to be farmed out to an imaging center.  There is the drive though, it's more like 45 minutes.  Sigh.  BUT...MacGyver Midwife!  Come on!!!  Who wouldn't drive 45 minutes for that?!? The next day we met with a Nurse midwife in our home.  I found her personality instantly charming and sweet.  There was nothing not to love about her, and having 2,500+ births under her belt IS pretty impressive!  The only thing is, only 200 of them have been home births.  ONLY, like I've ever delivered ONE baby at home.  Clearly, this lady's got her stuff together, too.  I mentioned the placenta thing though, and she was a bit, well, grossed out.  Sigh.  She would rather push meds then find the natural way first.  I LIKE her though, and I KNOW I would be 100% safe in her hands.  And if, Heaven forbid, I had to be transferred to a hospital, I know she's be cool as a cucumber, confident and completely able to help.  She also will do all visits in my home, (until she gets her new office), but towards the end, she'd still come to me, knowing travel isn't so easy for REALLY pregnant mamas.  Unfortunately, I'll have to be farmed out for ultrasounds.  Sigh. Picking one is going to be HARD!

And then I made THAT phone call that made me realize we were THAT family.

I called our pediatrician and family doctor's office to double check that there would not be an issue with having a home or birth center birth.  The receptionist was very sweet, and asked if we were planning to vaccinate, too.  Huh...that's not what I called about, but, ok, I'll bite.  I said that we'll probably do the same as we did with out daughter, she received most of the vaccines, but we chose to delay and stagger them.  I said that the doctor had always been fine with it.  She informed me that she was pretty sure that the pedi would not see our baby then.  What?!? Apparently things have changed.  Lovely.  Thanks insurance companies, for stiff arming perfectly good doctors to doing your will.  So I asked what we needed to do, and how long we had to wait before the new baby COULD be seen by our family doctor.  Well, the office manager was out sick (probably had a flu shot, coughs into fist) and the receptionist had never been asked that before, so she called back the next day with the info. Wow.  I KNOW it was the same lady, but this time she was a bit snide, like someone had been talking in her ear about "those sorts of people".  Blew me away.  Um, I'm trying to give you another patient.  Don't you want that?  Well, apparently not.  Insert giant sigh here.  I'm actually crushed.  The lady went on about how all the doctors were going to be doing it this way from now on and basically, I needed to get with the program or never see a doctor again.  I tried to say that I had had a less then stellar birth experience for an otherwise healthy, normal pregnancy and delivery, and I simply didn't want to go through that again.  Hospitals are for sick people.  I'm not sick.  I didn't say that last part to the receptionist, but man, I wanted to. I have now personally experienced discrimination based on my choice to take everything the insurance and pharmaceutical companies say with an open mind and armed with research.  I never expected to be lumped in with the "them" crowd.  What ever that means.  I'm one of "those" people now. I could tell Mr. Fix-it was shaken by the news, too.  Enough so that I was worried he might suggest a hospital birth just so we could be "normal" again.  But I was only worried for a second.  He's a good man, and he gets it.  The more we learn about hospitals vs. home births, the more his resolve is set.  Whew!  And after the birth center calculated a health risk of ZERO for me, it seems obvious there is NO reason to have a baby in a location where people are just waiting for something to go wrong, because they rarely leave things alone long enough for things to go right.  It is weird to compare it to a scab?  If you leave it alone, it'll heal on it's own.  If you keep picking at it, you're going to need a bandaid.  <shrugs>  That's all I'm saying.

Cravings this week:

Chicken pot pie - REALLY had to have one.  This may or may not have been on my personal Face Book status at one point during this week.  I will admit to nothing.  I ended up getting two over the course of the week.  Guess what?  Several days after eating the first, I couldn't even finish the second one. Lemonade - I'm a water drinker, but this week and last, I've been finding myself ordering lemonade quite a bit.  Whole Foods just happened to have BOGO this week, too!  Score! Burger King (hangs head in shame) - I thought I wanted a Whopper.  Turns out I didn't.  I couldn't finish it.  What I think I wanted was just something in my tummy and...lemonade. Comfort Food - I think I've figured it out.  I just want plain old, easy to chew, no work required, comfort food.  I may need to make up a batch of quiona and cheese soon.  Yum!  I picked up ingredients to make ratatouille as well.  THAT is more like me.  Healthy AND yummy!  We're not even going to talk about the Taco Bell Chalupa I had on my way to work...nope, not even going to mention it.  WHAT is up with me?!?  I've been happy and healthy, and lately I just keep putting junk into my mouth.  Sigh.  I can't wait for this nausea phase to pass so I can be a bit more sensible. See?!?  THIS is more like it!  This is how I normally eat!  And, for the record, this was my mid afternoon snack. The chalupa kinda filled me up for lunch...both of them. :D

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  • Kelly Sangree on

    Keep looking for a pediatrician that will at least accept your decision and still see your child. In PA, it’s common enough (with the large Amish population surrounding the area) that the doctors and nurses will say “are you sure you’ve heard all the sides of this?” before shaking their heads and signing off on the refusal. I still have gotten many irate lectures from doctors and nurses, mostly at the local teaching hospital in Hershey, claiming that I’m turning my back on hundreds of years of science and progress! No, really, I’ve just seen literature that you probably haven’t had time to read, especially the studies that say that infectious disease started declining NOT after vaccinations, but BEFORE! You know, when they started using proper sanitation and sewers? Grrrr.

  • Shannon on

    It was SOOO hard to pick a midwife! I actually didn’t go with “MacGyver Midwife” either. ;) I never knew how tough the choice would be!! My mother is a nurse, so I was familiar and completely comfortable with everything you do!

    That’s really wonderful and comforting advice! AND a GREAT reminder for ALL women to eat healthy ALL the time when you’re trying to get pregnant!
    I have found that protein, like a hard boiled egg, right before going to bed, has been REALLY helpful at staving off nausea. Now that I’m into the second trimester, I’m back on track enjoying all my healthy foods again. Whew!

  • Nora Hernando on

    Hi! Thanks for the positive words (even though you didn’t pick me!) When you’re having the joy of early pregnancy nausea, your primary goal has to be finding things that you can eat and keep down. Baby is getting all those lovely nutrients from your body from your excellent pre-pregnancy diet, and leaving you whatever it doesn’t need, so what you’re eating right now is pretty much to keep you going until you can actually eat your normal food and keep it down. I do love Taco Bell (guilty smile.) Lemonade sounds good to me, too, btw, I think I’ll make some. I swear I have as many weird food cravings as my pregnant moms!

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