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Green Baby - Week 7, Ate, 9

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Blueberry, raspberry, cherry.  Sounds like it would make a yummy sorbet, doesn't it?  Well, that's the approximate size of the Green Baby from weeks 7 though 9. Isn't amazing how much trouble a little piece of fruit can cause a mother's body? In these three weeks I have gained and lost about 5 lbs.  It was painful.  I made the "mistake" of going from a healthy primal diet to eating what I thought would stay down, including bagels and other grains.  My body clearly had a reaction to the gluten overload and I became painfully bloated and completely FOS.  My mom's a nurse.  She swears that's a medical term, since it is often written on charts.  It just means that I was Full Of Stuff...err...Stool.  I did everything I knew to do, and then asked for help.  A special thanks goes out to all the crunchy moms I know, that endured my endless whining about being stopped up, and for all their helpful advice.  You see, EVERY label of EVERY type of bowel mover said to check with a doctor before taking, if either pregnant or breast feeding.  Sigh. Want to know how I finally got relief?  Behold the power of Apple Cider Vinegar with the "Mother".  I started taking two tablespoons mixed in apple juice, a day.  Go figure, it helped with some of the nausea, too!  And almost daily baths soaking in epsom salts.  I never had that "Oh, I feel 10 pounds lighter" moment in the bathroom.  Instead, I has a slow, and almost orderly, evacuation, several times a day, if you get my drift.  I also reigned in on the grains a bit and made sure to enjoy a yummy salad with pan seared salmon.  Yeah...THAT is more like it.  Oh, and my wonderful neighbor's chai!  Actually, whoa!  After chatting and sipping tea with my neighbor, we went out side to play with the kids.  I started getting hot flashes and was completely winded.  I WAS bouncing around an adorable 16 month old on my hip.  Her giggles are the best!  Within a few minutes I was doubled over feeling very ill.  It took two trips to the rest room, but I felt SO much better after the ordeal was over.  Normally I avoid caffeine while pregnant, but sometimes a little will go a looong way to helping reset your system.  And hey, if I'm going to have some, at least it's my neighbor's authentic, super yummy chai, made with raw milk.  I, her hooked on raw milk.  It reminder her of her childhood in India, and it takes the chai to a whole new level of yum! Note worthy cravings: sushi.  I would actually like to go pick up some more, even though I just had it two days in a row.  I just have to make sure that what I eat is cooked.  I LOVE eel, and since it's cooked, we're good.  It settles well on my stomach and I still feel good after eating it.  Yes, normally I stay away from rice, but, but...sushi!  The Pink Princess and Mr. Fix-it indulged me the other day by bringing some to the bridal shop I work at.  I could have easily eaten twice as much as they brought (and it was a lot).  When I can eat, I seem to be SOOO hungry!  Fortunately though, I seem to only be up about a pound from my pre pregnancy weight.  I'm really hoping to avoid gaining 45 lbs like I did with the Pink Princess. I'm going to have to coin the phrase, "The Cat Hairball Pose".  You KNOW what I'm talking about!  I can be frequently found doing this pose in the bathroom, while clinging to the porcelain throne.  I seem to be having more nausea late at night (or right after Five Guys and would think I knew better!).  It makes getting to sleep a total joy.  My Queasy Beads are mildly helpful.  Hey, any help is appreciated!  Eating protein late at night also beneficial.  The Green Baby apparently likes eggs as much as I do.  There was one evening that I felt the need to whip up and eat a quick omelet.  The omelet stayed down when I started doing my cat hair ball imitation 20 minutes later, but the stomach bile came up.  One thing is definitely different about this pregnancy, the stomach acid HURTS!  It was so painful that I wanted to gasp for breath (kind of like you do when you stub your toe so bad you think it's broken, and see stars), but since things were still coming out, I was practically suffocated.  My nose runs while things are clearing the stomach, too, so I could NOT breath.  Pain plus panic equals no fun.  Oh well.  After brushing my teeth, swishing with mouth wash, and downing a spoonful of honey and raw milk, I felt better and was able to get to sleep with a giant pillows to prop me up, so the acid would stay down. I know I'm nearing the second trimester, so hopefully the nausea will subside soon.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! Final note, and I want to hear from you!  How early were you able to feel your baby move?  With the Pink Princess it was at the 15 week mark.  There was NO question in my mind.  My doctor poo-pooed it off like I was crazy.  By the 16 week mark, I knew the doctor was crazy for not believing me.  I swore she was going to be a soccer player.  This time, while soaking quietly in the tub, I am certain I felt someone move deep inside my belly.  I HAVE has a lot of gas lately, but his was definitely not gas.  I didn't feel little feet kicking, more of a twisting and turning.  Something in there was moving!  I tried to press in with my fingers, but all I could feel that way was my beating heart through my finger tips.  I was a little past the midway mark of week 8.  I know that's very early, but I have always been very sensitive to things happening with my body.  Maybe I'm not crazy this time, too!  My little raspberry's moving! What was the earliest you felt your little one's move?

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