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Green Baby - Week 10 - 16

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Where oh where did nearly two months go?!?  Oh yeah...I was enjoying a family vacation and nausea...

Let's see, there was the time, while pulling into the church parking lot, I was REALLY glad to have a little plastic bag handy.  The poor greeters must have wondered why I wasn't a smiling, happy person, and walked RIGHT by them to the ladies' room that morning.  You have to love Mr. Fix-it though.  He offered to take the bag.  I'm still not sure just WHAT he did with it.  And you know what?  I have NO plans to ask!  Eeew and thank you, dear hubby of mine! <3 Our first "real", not just an interview, appointment with the midwife happened right around week 10. This was a special time for Mr. Fix-it and myself.  Up until this appointment, we had not directly told the Pink Princess that we were expecting.  She's 4.  If she knew, everyone else might have, too!  You really can't blame us for keeping it hush hush, can you?  Ok, good. My wonderful midwife knew the situation and cheerfully played along with us.  She even let the Princess hold the doppler "right in the spot where mommy says she feels something."  By the way, that was the same spot I had been feeling "something" from the 8.5 week mark.  Like a pro, the Pink Princess nailed the heart beat on the first try.  We asked her what she thought that was.  The midwife moved the doppler a bit and said, "Do you hear that?  That's mommy's heart beat."  She moved it back to "the spot" and said, "That's someone else's heart beat.  Who do you think it is?"  My daughter is so precious.  She shyly whispered in my ear, with a grin so big it nearly didn't fit under her nose, "A baby". We asked her what that made her.  We HAD been talking a little about big sister responsibilities if we were to have another baby.  She replied, "Happy!"  We all burst out in laughter.  We were certain she was going to say having a baby would make her a big sister.  Instead she told us that it was going to make her happy!  Man, I love that girl!  Aaaaand now the happy pregnancy hormones are taking over.  Where's my box of tissues?!? The moment is on the announcement video.  If you haven't already seen it, what are you waiting for?!?

Up next, the trip.  

Whew!  Having the Pink Princess know WHY mommy hasn't been feeling well certainly has its advantages.  She's been a little more attentive, and helpful, and EXCITED!

For the record, packing for a month long trip, knowing that you're not going to fit into the same clothes you started with, AND preparing for temperatures ranging from 40 to 100 degrees, is a bit tricky.  I think Mr. Fix-it enjoyed a bigger chuckle than he should have, when I asked his opinion about the ONLY pair of pants/shorts/capris I still had that "fit".  We were staying at a cabin, on a lake, for two weeks.  There is no road to the cabin.  Only a boat.  A maxi dress isn't exactly the smartest thing to be wearing when stepping out of a tippy canoe.  Know what I mean?  Well, my pair of capris fit...except for the whole being able to button thing.  Doh!  Thankfully I was able to scrounge around and find my old Belly Band.  Ha!  So there!  Who's laughing now?!?  Wait, don't make me laugh too hard, or I'm going to have to change my undies...again! Speaking of, the Charlie Banana Feminine Secrets have become a wonderful wardrobe saver.  Perfect for any prego mommy that might happen to need a little something extra in the event of a sneeze, laugh or surprise squeeze from the Pink Princess.  They even work great at keeping things dry from the inevitable "increased bodily vaginal discharge" you may or may not have the pleasure of experiencing do to pregnancy hormones.  Let's just say, I'm glad to share my little secret with you.  You're welcome. Naturally, I was keenly aware that nausea could hit anywhere and everywhere, without warning.  I was also VERY concerned about the beginning of our trip.  The first leg was on the Auto Train.  How many of you have ridden a train overnight?  My nausea was always worse at night...whoa boy!  Can you see where this was going?  I think I can, I think I can, I think I...need the can...  The hour and a half drive TO the train was bad enough, but, and this is one of the many ways I know there is a God, my nausea lifted before we boarded the train!  Hallelujah!  And for the most part, it hasn't been back since!  Sure, I had a headache the first afternoon on the train that was so bad I was holding my head sobbing, but the nausea was GONE! We arrived to our destination very late, due to the heavy rains and flooding the entire U.S. East coast had been experiencing.  There were times the train tracks were fully submerged under water!  Yipes! The next morning we shared the announcement video with Mr. Fix-it's parents.  Later that week we shared it with his entire family.  It was a wonderful moment. Now I will say, Mr. Fix-it's family REALLY knows how to throw down some pretty outstanding grub.  I purposely didn't weigh myself while on vacation.  Instead I enjoyed slow smoked ribs, a fish fry, trips to shore for ice cream, waffles to DIE for (from visiting members of MY side of the family!), scratch made peach cobblers, s'mores (I am the S'mores Master!) and on and on and...whoa...Ok, I'll stop.  But only because I love you. Now would probably be a good time to put in a little plug for Baltic Amber.  Clearly, I don't travel without it!  You may also feast your eyes on the s' was gooood!   One of our trip's highlights was visiting a few dairy farms.  Woo hoo!  In our state, raw milk is illegal.  Where we visited, it's legal.  And there just happened to be a lovely little farm a short drive from my in-laws house!  I was so excited, I called the farm to see if we could visit.  Guess what?!?  They had a baby calf delivered just that morning! I gotta just stop here and say...I give mad props to mama cow.  I had NO idea how HUGE newborn calves actually are!  This one was EASILY three times the size of my daughter NOW!     Holy COW!  WOW! We purchased half a gallon and enjoyed it over the next week.  It was THE best tasting milk I have EVER had!  Know why?  Because the cows on this farm all have names, are given acres of land to free roam, and the milk was super, just milked that morning, fresh.  Yeah.  That's the way milk SHOULD be. It's funny, after weaning years ago, the Pink Princess hasn't enjoyed milk much.  Well, if it's chocolate milk...sigh.  Since our family has found raw milk, my little Princess will easily down an entire glass by herself.  It's like she knew the other stuff just wasn't as good as it could get.  Smart kid!  We videoed her taking a sample sip from the dairy.  Her response?  "Ummm!  Yummy!"  When I can get my mind around all the info, I'll put together a clip from the farm and all the reasons for drinking milk as fresh as you can get it.  You can decide for yourself what is best for your family.  You know me.  I'm all about sharing what I've learned, so you can apply it to what you've learned, and maybe in the end, we'll all learn something really useful together! This is a photo/shameless plug for cuteness of my little sweet tomato, happy as a peach at a local farmer's market.  How do you like them 'maters?!?  By the way, I liked them just fine, with mozzarella cheese and fresh snipped basil! :)

And then it all went dark...

I was at the 14 weeks mark, happily flipping pancakes over a gas stove, for a leisurely, late breakfast when things started getting a little warm.  I started standing across the kitchen between flips.  After a while, that wasn't enough.  Finally, my head started to spin and I knew I was in for it.  I handed over my flap jack flipping duties to another, less light headed person and barely made it to a kitchen chair.  My head hit the table and I needed a minute to recover.  I moved to a lower position on the couch and asked for a glass of orange juice.  I was back on my feet in ten minutes, rearing to flip more pancakes.

So what in the world happened?

It was the perfect storm.  Ladies, pay attention to your bodies!  Keep hydrated and FED!  I asked some of my favorite Green Mommies and learned I wasn't alone.  Apparently this sort of thing happens a lot between 12 and 14 weeks.  One mom was just standing too long in line at the grocery store.  Hello floor.  Her doctor said all the blood had "pooled" at her feet.  At this point in our pregnancies, we're pumping a much higher blood volume.  It can be physically taxing.  Sit down when you need to!  Get up slowly or risk getting woozy.  EAT something!  Oops!  I hadn't eaten a thing yet.  It was more brunch hour than breakfast, but I was SO close to having pancakes on the table!  I shoulda eaten an apple or SOMEthing first.  Who knew?!?  Well, now YOU know! I was also dehydrated.  The cabin where we were staying has access (via a canoe with a motor, and a guide who knows the way...not the one pictured on the left of the picture.  Ha ha  This is also a row boat, not a canoe.  I DO know the difference!) to a pure, ice cold, crisp, clean, natural spring.  We get our water from there.  This time I noticed I could drink glasses upon glasses and NOT have my thirst quenched.  It took me a week to figure out what was happening.  I finally started adding a sprinkle of salt to my water, or a piece of fruit.  That seemed to help balance the electrolytes.  Course I figured that out AFTER my little episode. So there you have it.  The perfect storm.  Just as my body was starting to move more blood volume through, I was standing for a lengthy period of time, I hadn't eaten and I was dehydrated.  Don't let a black out happen to you!  Could you only imagine if it happened while holding someone's baby while I was boarding a boat?  Eek!  Ok, scary thought over...going to eat my sliced, organic, pink lady apple, with almond butter now. :) I could go on and on about "fun" pregnancy symptoms during these weeks, but really, once you hit the 12 week mark, I HOPE you have smooth sailing for a few months.  Ok...we're still getting up 1,000 times per night to pee, but that's just practice for when the baby won't sleep at night, right?  Sigh... Up next SPD...ouchie!    

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