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15 Minute Birthday Fruit Cake

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I've been known to make a "few" cakes in my day.  Some pretty nice ones, too!  But what I can't stand is spending hours and even days, slaving over a cake that the birthday girl won't eat do to diet restrictions. So...when asked to bring a cake a particular recent event, I had my wits about me, and I slaved over this little beauty for oh...15 minutes.  The Pink Princess got to help decorate (and keep asking when we were going to be putting on the icing)...sigh! At the event, the Pink Princess kept asking for more cake.  I think she may have been a little water logged afterwards.  Doh! There were hardly any left overs and I think EVERYONE enjoyed their evening, guilt free. Best 15 minute birthday Fruit Cake I've ever made. :)

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