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Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

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The Pink Princess started attending a Montessori school when she was two and a half years old.  I can't believe how time flies!  We had just one problem, I was afraid she wouldn't eat her lunch or even worse yet, that she wouldn't be able to open her lunch box without the contents exploding all over the table. Enter the Bento Box! Simple, quick to prepare meal ideas that are sure to please almost any young palate.  Here is a collection of blog posts with weekly lunch box updates, just beaconing you to explore.  Each photo will take you to that week's collection of yummies.

Octopus Hot Dog with Tutorial

Put a Smile in Your Lunch with a link to making Apple Rabbits

Lunch with the Magic Banana - Fun way to send your kid a secret note or picture

Who says your child won't eat fish?

Sometimes finding bugs in your lunch is a GOOD thing!

Boo! Perfect for Halloween!

There is nothing like getting a smile in your lunch!

Leftovers DO make nice lunches!

Oh Waiter!  There's a spider in my stew!

I love you Swiss much sandwich

Owl be seeing ya real soon!


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