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Green Baby 20 Week CRAVING!!!

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Mark it down on your calendar mamas, the Green Mommy officially just send Mr. Fix-it out,

In a hurricane!

For...chocolate ice cream. So much for not having junk food in the house! I NEVER needed ice cream with the Pink Princess! And his response, "But you don't even LIKE chocolate ice cream". Oh, Honey...I KNOW! This is weiiiird! And very, very comical! He finally went when he saw me grab a spoon and the ONLY jar of Nutella I have EVER purchased and realized the seriousness of the situation. <giggle> Considering I'm 20 weeks pregnant and had enjoyed a healthy organic spring salad mix with sweet peppers and a hard boiled egg for dinner...I'm going to let this junk food faux pax pass.  I'm sure my midwife is going to get quite a giggle when she reads this, too. This is the end result.  Thank you Honey!

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  • Pam on

    this is sweet!! You’re showing!! giggle, giggle

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  • Pregnant Weeks on

    Instead of having ice creams, better to have nutritious and calorie food, because it prevents you from symptoms, which results in healthy pregnancy.

  • black hat on

    Hi, just wanted to mention, I loved this post. Keep on posting!

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