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Nursing in Public Can Be Hazardous to Other People's Health

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The title of this post is meant to grab your attention.  Did it work?  Well guess what?  I've found it to be true.  I should also add that it is also hilarious to watch happen. mop_closetMy most recent experience went a little something like this... I was sitting near the back of a restaurant nursing my 5 week old under a shawl (nothing to show that there was even a baby under there except for tiny little sock covered feet sticking out); when I noticed someone notice me...and not notice that they had opened, and stepped into the mop closet instead of the restroom. So naturally, I did what the other person probably should have done, and pretended not to notice.  Until the restroom door was shut, then I chuckled quite heartily. Yeah, I'm going to enjoy nursing in public.  It's fun to watch other people try to figure out just what I'm doing under there (since I use a standard shawl, scarf or pashmina instead of a more obvious hooter hider type contraption).  People's reactions are always priceless.  Makes me want to install a camera onto my glasses so I can make some fun blooper videos for You Tube!

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