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Green Baby's 1st Cloth Diaper

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Things that make you go, "AWE"!The Green Baby's 1st Cloth Diaper This is a sneak peek at the pictures taken by Captured Moments Photography on the Green Baby's birthday. Here is the Green Baby wearing her 1st diaper.  It was made by me out of her big sister's hospital receiving blanket. Since we chose to do a home birth BECAUSE of my hospital experience with the Pink Princess, I felt this particular diaper was quite appropriate for the occasion.  Yes, I was hoping she's poo in it.  Take THAT dear hospital! By the way, my home birth experience with the Green Baby was nothing short of amazing!  I can't wait to get the story and images up!  To say the least, it fast fast and furious!  Mr. Fix-it caught his little girl 5 minutes after our photographer arrived and 20 minutes before the doula.  Yep, can you say "Unassisted home birth"?!? Now quick, while you're still on the edge of your seat, come on over and hold the baby so I can type everything up!  This post took me about a week, one handed, while nursing.  LOL

WAHM Diaper CoverEnd shot taken while wearing a beautifully made WAHM diaper cover by Kitty's Top2Bottom Diapers n More.

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