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Milk and Cookies Halloween Costume

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Hi y'all  Here is a Pinable page, with all the proper credits for the Milk and Cookies Costume.Milk and Cookies Costume with Green Mommy Diapers Logo Please go over and like TheBabyGuyNYC's Face Book page!  This was a photo contest by him!  And it went viral! Contest?!  Yes!  To win a Beco Baby Carrier!  I was hoping to win it for my local Baby Wearing Group's lending library.  And we did!  Thank you Beco! What's a lending library? Its a collection of wraps, slings, carriers and other baby wearing items that moms and dads can borrow, usually for a week at a time, so they don't have to spend gobs of money on a carrier they end up not liking.  Its a fantastic way to make sure you get the right carrier for you!  It's not fun feeling stuck with a carrier that hurts your back and is uncomfortable.  A proper fit, that meets your needs will ensure you wear your baby often!  There are many, many, many benefits to wearing your baby! My local group, the Tampa Bay Babywearning Group,  is one of countless other across the country that help moms and dads properly wear their babies, benefiting everyone!  Our group is also enormously blessed to have the illustrious owner from near by.  She taught me how to back wrap!!  For the best video and picture tutorials on how to properly wrap your baby, check out her website and Face Book page! So that's it! Pretty please, make sure to "like" and show some love to TheBabyGuyNYC and Beco Baby Carriers for their fantastic costume contest.  I think they may have just broken the internet!  By the way, those numbers do not include the, at last checked, over 1.5 million likes from another Face Book page, that forgot to post the Starbucks Baby Costume as a link to the original image.  Or the 5 thousand + likes on the Breastfeeding/Mama Talk where a similar oops occurred.  Ah well.  That is the nature of the internet.  No one is upset here.  We're just thrilled to pieces so many of y'all liked the costume! A super special shout out and thanks to J Schaefer Photography for snapping the photo!  The photo was the last thing she shot after a long hard day out and about working with other families.  I asked her if she wouldn't mind taking a quick photo.  With only 6 shots left on her memory card, I quickly donned my homemade carrier and Cookie Monster accessories, and the rest is history!

Cookie Monster BabyNow the skinny on how I made it, so you can make your own!

  • T-shirt from the craft store $3
  • I used my hand as a template on the shirt's sleeves.  I traced my fingers, with the shirt turned inside out, and then quickly sewed up the sleeve glove.  Turn right side out, cut a set of holes large enough for the straps, and stuff.  That's IT!
  • We used a jelly jar lid to trace circles onto craft felt.  Cut the chocolate chips from a darker piece of felt.  There are a ton of DIY tutorials on how to make felt cookies!
  • My hat was ordered off Amazon for $7.99.  I just added a paper plate and the words, written on a piece of paper and taped on.
  • Ping pong balls and feathers were sewn onto a child's stretchy headband.  That's it!

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