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About Green Mommy


The Green Mommy Store is a safe place to help Mommies be who they want to be. It’s about giving them the power of creativity and control over what their babies and toddlers are growing up in, the fashion they wear, and the environment that we will pass to them as adults. From in store, personalised help, to online tutorials, the Green Mommy (secret Facebook group), and lots of great Eco-friendly baby, toddler, and fabulous family products, the Green Mommy Store wants to give you a new perspective on what being a Mommy is all about! 

The Green Mommy Store is about more than just babywearing, lactation support, and cloth diapers – although we do LOVE our cloth diapers!

The Green Mommy Story

Diaper Rash!  The very term strikes fear in the heart of parents and the bums of our precious little ones.  The quest to cure my daughter’s diaper rash, led me on a wonderful journey into an entirely new world.

At four months old, my daughter started getting occasional diaper rashes.  Every thing I read told me that was normal.  By the time my daughter had reached five months of age, I had accumulated a small arsenal of rash creams, ointments and salves to battle ever increasing rashes.  I knew something wasn’t right.  My daughter’s pediatrician prescribed a pharmacy compounded, steroid ointment that gave me sticker shock!  It was mildly effective and I didn’t want my daughter to require steroids on her little bum until she was potty trained.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was a new, hypoallergenic, perfume and dye free baby wipe.  Wasn’t that supposed to be the best?  Wasn’t that supposed to help?  My daughter ended up with a chemical peel from belly button to backside.  I knew something else had to be done.

While searching the Internet for options, I stumbled upon cloth diapers.  They were nothing like the flat pieces of fabric secured with pins and plastic pants that I saw in cartoons.  They looked surprisingly similar to the disposable diapers that I was already using.  I weighed my options and took the plunge.  Six pocket style diapers arrived at my door within a week.  I was very worried that cloth diapers would leak all over the place, stink and stain something horrible.  But, within three days, the rash had subsided, leaving very little redness, zero leaks and one happy mommy.  I have never looked back!

I spent the next few years researching various styles and materials for diapers.  What I offer now are products that I have personally tested and love or products that have been rigorously tested by a special group of Green Mommies around the world.  You can be sure that every product sold is 100% backed by The Green Mommy Seal of Approval.

Join us! There are plenty of great Mommies who want to share and connect with you, tell their stories, and support your Mommy adventure. It’s different for all of us, but we’re each learning about what we can do to help one another, and help the world we live in! Are you a Green Mommy?

If you’ve got questions, connect with us and tell us what’s on your mind! We’re here to help!