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Goddess Bath Soak

Goddess Bath Soak

This isn't just any Bath Soak, this is a Bath Soak made for Goddesses!  For the Goddess that YOU ARE!  Our Bath Soaks are infused with crystal essence for high healing & soothing vibrations and herb infused with Feminine Goddess herbs that will melt away worries, fears, blocks, pain & any other things that may be keeping you from fully being the Goddess that you are!

Also packed with nutrient rich sea & epsom salts, our soaks relieves muscle soreness, lift spirits, reduces spider veins & wrinkles, pampers, moisturizes, detoxes, soothes & heals!  Our original scent is a dreamy lavender-rose

Step 1:  Draw a warm Goddess Bath. 
Step 2: Add desired amount to included muslin bag & add bag to bath.  Or, do it full on Goddess style & add Soak DIRECTLY to bath (just be sure to strain the herbs & flowers before draining bath water; we do have an option for purchasing a strainer, or use a strainer you may already have). 

Step 3:  Sit Back, Relax & Receive!  Give yourself the SELF LOVE you deserve & Pamper the Goddess that you ARE!

***SOAK for at least 30min. to receive FULL benefits.

Ingredients:  All Pure & Naturalc: Epsom Salt, crystal infusion, Goddess propriety blend of herbs, dead sea salt, cane sugar, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid & Goddess essential oil blend.

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