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Sewing Classes

Sewing Classes

Sewing Class is four sessions and can included a newly refurbished/serviced workhorse machine

* Classes cap at 4 students. Reserve your spot today! *

 Classes must be paid for either in store or online by January 1, 2018 at 9 pm EST.

Friday class: 5 pm - 7 pm 

1. Learning Your Machine
Cloth Wipes/Tissues/Napkins
Turning and Top Stitching
Seam allowance
Sewing a straight seam
Pivoting on a point
½ yard cotton flannel x 2
(contrasting/coordinating fabrics)
Matching thread
2. Mama Cloth
Sewing a curved line
Pattern drafting
¼ yard micro fleece
Coordinating cotton flannel
Matching thread
(snaps provided)
3. One Size Fitted Diaper
Sewing with elastic
Prepping for knits
3/8” braided elastic (one package)
3/4 yard flannel
Matching thread


4. Haram Pants or Romper
Sewing with knits
Upcycle T-shirts
 Materials: 2 XL T shirts or 1 yard jersey knit (T-shirt weight, if you can see through it, it's too thin for this project)), Matching thread
Class Supplies to Bring Every Class:
Fabric scissors
Washable marker or tailor’s chalk/pencil
*Make sure to bring materials needed for each class. See class details above for complete list. Listed in red.

*classes are not refundable, but we are happy to work with you on transferring to a future class.

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